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July 19, 2007

Last Night I Dreamed A Dream…

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So vivid and so real I could taste and feel everything in it. Have you ever had one of those?

Mine focused on someone I’ve seen before and whom I know, but not very well. We met a few months ago, in a unofficial way on an ordinary day. There were no fireworks, no hint of things to come, it was an regular introduction and I thought nothing of it. But in this dream, the person showed up at my door with a suitcase, embraced me and somehow our lips met but this seemed like a mistake–because I think my conscious mind was still alert. In the dream I remember pausing to think about how odd this interaction was.

Nevertheless he–so that I can be clear–came into my apartment and proceeded to plop down on my bed and we continued conversing, but the strange thing about our exchange was that we spoke as if we had never spoken to each other before. It was a very “getting to know you” session but it had this strange comfortableness about it. I was straightening up my room and he was sitting on my bed–oh and just to give you a lay of the land, my actually apartment doesn’t have a living room so it is quite possible that one could end up sitting on my bed.

The dream essentially faded to black with our pleasant conversation, but I woke up this morning like “What is that all about?” So it leads me to the question, “What do dreams mean?” Could they be real? Are they revelations?

Sometimes things in my dream happen in reality and I wouldn’t be adverse to the situation explained in my dream last night, but it’s kind of scary. Can God show us things in dreams?



  1. In the Bible they give many examples of God speaking to people in dreams. Science says that dreams are caused by the subconscious mind trying to reconcile everything from the day. Studies show that sleep deprivation can cause a great deal of mental imbalance and psychological distress. Some even argue that the very purpose of sleep is to dream…It’s what differentiates between just laying down and sleeping. I think everyone would agree with both, but the question is, how do you discern between a message from God, and then what your subconsicous just created? I typically think dream interpretation books are unhelpful, because what is in a dream will have a unique meaning for each individual. So for you, you might want to be introspective…What did the male signify? Is he the symbol of men in general, and your subconsicous is saying you now have room for a man in your life? Or is he a sign of masculinity (i.e. aggressiveness, extroversion)and that side of you is becoming dominant….hmm..

    Comment by Kristen Copeland — July 19, 2007 @ 5:32 pm | Reply

  2. Or it could’ve been something you ate. I ate cherries before I went to sleep last night…don’t do that, my dreams were crazy. It’s amazing how intertwined our physical, spiritual, mental, and emotional systems are…We’d like to think that what we eat or think is mutually exclusive of what we feel or know about God, but who knows…but God…

    Comment by Tarani — July 19, 2007 @ 7:48 pm | Reply

  3. You’ve probably already done what I’d suggest, which is ask God what the dream means.

    Comment by Jay — July 21, 2007 @ 12:42 pm | Reply

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