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August 21, 2007

Fear God, Not Man

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That’s the message I walked away from Monday night Bible study with. The topic of the Bible study is “Non-Negotiables,” also known as the things in our Christian walk that cannot be changed and that are necessary for our growth and development. Non-negotiable number one is: “Fear God, not Man”–because fearing man is a snare. Should you decide that you will fear man and not God, you will become dependent on man. You will be concerned with man’s every move as it pertains to you and you will become enslaved trying to please man.

I consider that message pretty powerful because there was a time when I was fearing man. It was about a year ago when my job was on the line. My fear was birthed when I began to read in the papers about the “bloodbath” style layoffs happens at the media behemoth where I was working. From the moment that I read it, I just knew the ax was going to fall on my desk.

Everyday I came into work with fear in my heart. Every time a senior-level person went into my boss’ office and shut the door, I became fearful.  And finally when it was my turn to go into the office and shut the door, I knew my time had come. But in all my fearing the worst situation, God’s grace gave me the best situation.

Instead of kicking me out on my tuchis, they shifted me to another department that needed an assistant. They told me to use that time to build up a different set of marketable skills and look for another job simultaneously–as they even looked for one for me too. My boss in the new department was fully aware of my situation and was very gracious throughout. But by the grace of God before the ax could drop, he found somewhere for me to be. To this day, I’ll never completely understand how I ended up where I am. I’ll call it fate until I get a better understanding.

So now I am in the position to fear man again as some axes are falling around me but given the message from Bible study and the overall sovereignty of God, I refuse to accept the assignment of running scared. It’s an insult to God. Like he would put more on me than I can bear?

So if you ever find yourself in similar situation–and it doesn’t have to be about work, it’s about life–remember, “Fear God not man.”



  1. Amen

    Comment by Jay — August 22, 2007 @ 3:36 am | Reply

  2. You can call it fate, but I’ll call it favor, which I don’t really get b/c there’s nothing that we could do to get it or have it taken away. We just have it. So awesome.

    Comment by Tarani — August 31, 2007 @ 12:23 am | Reply

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