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September 4, 2007

Harmless Fun…

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Could there be such a thing for the saints if that “fun” isn’t located in a sanctuary or orchestrated by the ministerial staff? I’ve been pondering this question for the longest, particularly as it pertains to Christians in the club–sho nuff.

I am aware that there exist a faction of Christians that believe that going to the club is forbidden, but of course there is also a faction that thinks it is totally harmless. I was certainly of the former ilk. My argument was that Christians have no business in the club because  it doesn’t glorify God and if you are in the club partying it up with the heathens how can the two of you be told apart? How can anyone tell the difference between a believer and a non-believer in the club underneath those red and blue lights, over the loud music and under the club clothes.

I had this conversation with other Christian friends, who disagreed and said it really isn’t that serious, it’s just harmless fun. For years, I disagreed wholeheartedly and distanced myself from the nightlife, considering it activity of ill repute and considering anyone who called themselves a Christian and went to nightclubs weak in the faith. But then somewhere along the line my mind changed. It’s not that I started tearing the club up, I just stopped being so critical and judgmental…

And then I tried it for myself…

A few months ago I went to a party entitled “Wonderful” where they played nothing but Stevie Wonder all night long. I was hesitant at first, when I asked two friends from church to tag along. I told them that we needed to pray before we went and make sure that we have ourselves covered–not in regards to dress, but spiritually. They agreed but time-conflicts made it so that we all didn’t pray together before going so I just said a little prayer before I left the house.

It turns out the party was really harmless fun. People were singing and dancing to Stevie’s greatest hits. No one was intoxicated–at least that I could see in the darkened warehouse and no one was disrespectful. Everyone was there to have a good time and share in their love for the man that makes music that makes the world go ’round.

This past weekend a few friends from church and I went to a Michael Jackson v. Prince party to celebrate the birthday of a good friend in the group. That was yet another example of an harmless fun party. People dancing, singing along to Michael and Prince, with more water than alcohol being bought at the bar because everyone wanted to maintain a strong grip on their dance moves.

So there are my two examples. Neither of which caused my flesh to burn, made me feel uncomfortable while I was there or made me feel regret when the night was over. But why is it that there are Christians that would still shun an event like this? What makes a party not innocent fun? Should it be a person by person situation when one thinks who can and can’t go to parties/clubs? Can a party every now and be to the detriment of the saints?

The most widely used statement I heard—I’ve used it myself too—is that Christian can’t party because it doesn’t glorify God and it doesn’t help your witness, but I’ve learned that is a terrible blanket statement. Case in point, the Michael Jackson v. Prince Party was a crowded house attended by some folks that I know of that attend a neighboring church. They are God-fearing, church-serving young people that go out on occasion and enjoy good music and each others company. So if a young adult small group can get together and fellowship at a party then maybe there are more Christians in the club then people think. Nevertheless my point is, why assume everyone in the club around you is a non-believer or some backsliding believer, when they could be just like you—a Christian—that likes the occasional party under God’s watchful eyes while with others in the body of Christ.

Stop…and think about it.



  1. I used to frequent the discotech. At the time, I felt like Neo; following the white rabbit, searching for Trinity. After many years and subsequent relapses, I came to realize that the club is figeratively and literally empty. Although the club may be full, it’s not at all fulfilling. I think it’s fine for people to go out and have fun. It’s just that my “been there, done that” t-shirt is now a filthy rag.

    Opponent’s advocate: what is “harmless fun”? When we say harmless fun, do we mean “sinless fun?” Does “harmless fun” glorify God? Do we actually mean “fun that is not as bad as the bad fun I used to have?” Or do we really mean “fun that everyone else seems to be having and no one is objecting to, and since they’re having the same fun, they can’t judge me for having this fun, eventhough there are some who may object to my fun havingnicity?” I’m not asking these questions to be sanctimonious. I honestly would like to hear what people have to say on the subject.

    More food: All I get for my $25 cover charge is hours of watching people (ie. young women) nurse their drinks and complain about their feet while my (God given) hearing deteriorates. How ’bout I use the same money for a concert ticket and TiVo Soul Train?

    Comment by Jay — September 5, 2007 @ 7:23 am | Reply

  2. people listening to stevie wonder and prince and micheal jackson can also be challenged in the bible in 2 corithians 5:17it says Therefore if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creature; the old things passed away; behold, new things have come. so u are gonna back to worldy stuff the past you like u said in the first paragraph what makes u different form the others in the bible it also says we are peculiar people so think on that………

    Comment by thinker — November 5, 2007 @ 8:34 pm | Reply

  3. Yo I honestly believe that the issue at hand isnt whether “partyin” or “having fun” is good or bad. In actuallity partyin is nothing less than a celebration with some satisfyin purpose tied to it. So hypothetically if we were to define partyin as a “celebration with some satisfyin purpose tied to it”, tha question then might be:

    Is what Im celebrating:

    1. edifying to me? (encouragement to me to die to my flesh, or self, ultimately bringin me closer to God)
    2. edifying to others? (encouragement to my peers to follow my actions and resemble the character of Jesus Christ, who we’re to immitate, bringing glory and honor to God?

    Consider the secular (worldly) music that prolong these events. Regardless of genre, secular music is the “main”, if not the only, type of music that is played in clubs etc. If you think about it there is no major difference between the music of Michael Jackson or Stevie W. and Lil’ Weezy or Jay-Z, when regarding whether or not God is pleased with what we hear and enjoy, which He isn’t.

    The truth of the matter is regardless of the artist of the secular track and the purose of the secular celebration, it’s not edifying and never will be edifying toward you or toward your peers for the fact that you’re gaining your enjoyment from the things of the world and not from the ways of GOD. Real talk.

    If you wanna have fun then try gettin together with a couple of brothers and sisters and hop into a bible study (which is mad crunk when the Holy Spirit is droppin wisdom on you) or just band together and jam some “trusted” Christian Hip Hop and build. I pray that this deception is lifted from your eyes bro.
    May I ask that you peep 1 Thess 4:3-5, regarding secular club scenes, and Proverbs 23:26.

    Grace and Peace

    Comment by Eric J. — January 9, 2008 @ 4:54 am | Reply

  4. Congrats on discovering “the dark side” Hah Whatever! I go out clubbing with friends regularly, but I don’t any of the bad things, I just enjoy hanging with my friends and dancing. (I thought I’d drop a note of encouragment after reading the other comments)

    Going to clubs is just fine – wearing the full armour God, I don’t see anything wrong with it. I go clubbing with “safe” friends, who don’t drink or smoke or do any of the “really bad things”. A point that I have been pondering is this, if Jesus were around today, would He avoid clubs like the plague and hang only with Christian people at “good places” or be out among the sinners?

    What gets me most sad about this topic is that many Christians are so close-minded that they will no longer consider you a true believer, but think that you are less than them. Or worse, not to be associated with because of it.

    Whenever I’m out I rely on the Holy Spirit heavily, and when I’m dancing, I cut loose, but it’s in my praise for the Lord.

    To all the Christians out there go violently disagree with me (I know you’re out there), cut people like me some slack, and understand that we’e living our lives, you’re living yours, and each person has different callings and interests, and just because I don’t live my life the way you think I should, doesn’t mean I’m any less than you. Have an open mind, and even if you disagree with someone, respect them and their differences nonetheless.

    Respect and peace to all out there in internet land.

    Comment by Dreamer — November 5, 2008 @ 10:14 pm | Reply

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