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September 6, 2007

I Love The Lord

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Some may consider this elementary business but do you ever stop to think about the wonders of his love and your own love for him? Are you ever just caught up thinking about how much you love God?

I had this moment a few minutes ago. In the midst of piles of paper and the din of typing, it dawned on me…“I love the lord.” I have nothing else but God and am nothing without Him. This internal dialogue was a shock to me because I feel like I’ve been in a wasteland. But I finally realized why I’ve been in that wasteland because I’ve spent the great portion of the summer forsaking the fellowship of the saints and being in denial about doing so. It hadn’t dawned on me how much the gathering of the saints meant to the individual Christian experience. And it was thus confirmed for me today as I read my devotional—Into His Presence by Dr. Charles Stanley. Paraphrased, the devotional said that our relationship with God is strengthened by the community we surround ourselves with and without this community we perish and I can attest to that.

I’ve felt like I’ve been losing my grip for the past few weeks and I didn’t know how I could grab hold of it. My books were mocking me, my various translations of the Bible were mocking me, my Christian music was mocking me, the sermons were mocking me…It was all mocking me. It was all a big joke until I went back to the basics of considering the sovereignty of God and the necessity of community. I hadn’t realized how important community was to my spiritual development until I went back to one of my communities—the dance ministry—after a long summer break. I was afraid that I’d been gone too long and that I wouldn’t be able to dance, but God made my body flexible and my body malleable for a quick study and his spirit was inviting despite my summer on the boat to Tarshish. I was so thankful for that experience and thankful for my brothers and sisters in the ministry that made it feel like we had only been apart a day.

So now that I learned this important lesson, I don’t plan to have such a long hiatus away from the community anymore. I am just thankful that it’s never too late to turn back.



  1. [My books were mocking me, my various translations of the Bible were mocking me, my Christian music was mocking me, the sermons were mocking me…It was all mocking me.]

    I relate to this feeling well. I try to surround myself with alot of Christ centered media. Well maybe my music collection is more “diverse” but none of it is patently offensive. Anyway, it seems like the more I have, the more I feel like I’m ni quicksand. In other words, I buy these books, cds, etc. for help, understanding, wisdom, etc. but I feel inundated and then mocked by the stuff.

    Is the mocking feeling conviction or manipulation? I’m not always sure but I trust that God will use the feeling to motivate me and bring me closer to him.

    Comment by Jay — September 7, 2007 @ 1:47 am | Reply

  2. I feel like the mocking is conviction because it made me realize I didn’t need anything of those things to gain understanding. I, like you, love to read and love depth of knowledge, but I think sometimes we inundate ourselves with too much information when all God desires is the simplicity of understanding his word as it was given to us. We fill ourselves up with too much of other people’s commentary on God’s word instead of His.

    Soren Kierkegaard said that Christians fool themselves with an abundance of books particularly when it comes to all of the translations of the Bible that we use–crazy because he wrote this is like the 17th century maybe even earlier. He said all of that is unnecessary when studying God’s word. All we need is one translation and an open-mind His original intent. He even went so far as to say our incessant reading of a text over and over again because we don’t understand it is foolish because God illuminates that which we need to understand. Of course this is all paraphrase, but I’ll post the Kierkegaard passage I was referring to in a few–it blew my mind.

    Comment by Loudmouth Protestant — September 7, 2007 @ 10:09 am | Reply

  3. Yes, please post some Soren.

    Comment by Jay — September 8, 2007 @ 1:09 am | Reply

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