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September 15, 2007

“Show Me Your Company…

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And I’ll tell you who you are.”

My father used to tell me this when I was younger and I almost always disregarded his adage. Not that I chose to hangout with bad people–because I never did, but I didn’t bother to put much concious weight on his statement.

Interestingly enough, within the last few weeks I have been coming across much in books and sermons discussing the impact your friends have on your character and life. For everytime I hear the message, I cringe. Again, I don’t have a bad set of friends, but for once I am truly acknowledging the affect that friends can have on your character for good or for bad. In the book “Happiness Is A Choice” by Dr. Minirth and Dr. Meier, they say, “Select your friends very carefully, because you will become more and more like your friends whether you intend to or not.”

I found it so interesting that these passages have been illuminated in the last few weeks and of course I am still meditating on why God would point this out to me. Actually I think I know very well why he has been illuminating it.


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  1. I always liked the saying, “Show me who who you love and I’ll show you who you are.” Slightly differently worded, but the same idea: you’re only as good as the worst person in your circle.

    Comment by Lilit — September 17, 2007 @ 10:08 pm | Reply

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