The Loudmouth Protestant

September 17, 2007

Just Do It…

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There are many of us–myself included–that try as we might to create a morning routine that focuses on God.

We pledge to get up early in the morning to have quiet time with Him. We pledge that he’ll be the first person we talk to in the morning. We promise that our knees will be the first thing that hits the floor, that Christian music will be the first tunes that we turn on before we listen to anything else. We promise to set the atmosphere of our day right by putting God first, but then we wake up and end up hitting the snooze five times before stumbling out of bed and giving God some piece meal offering of prayer and time.

It’s hard, I know this for a fact because I can only sustain seasons of disciplined quiet time with God before messing it all up. But I am sick and tired of staying up late with the devil and falling asleep on God.

Thank God for a wonderful word I heard on Sunday morning delivered by Bishop Walter Scott Thomas. His remarks regarding our tired Christianity went a little something like this:

“Don’t pray for the strength to wake up in the morning, pray for the will to get up in the morning.”

In other words you are praying to God to have the will to do the right thing. Praying that you will be obedient enough to use the strength he already gave you in waking up, toward being with him for more than a minute. The time that you spend with God early in the morning should be substantive enough to leave you with a memory of the time spent throughout the day.

And I know that early morning doesn’t work for everyone, so I admonish each to do what is best for Him. Find the optimum time at night to be with Him, find a quiet time in the morning to be with Him, feast on God instead of lunch once a week. By any means necessary just find time to be with Him.

Here’s to an enhanced spirituality.


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