The Loudmouth Protestant

September 20, 2007

Back in the ‘Burbs

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I have just arrived in my hometown, Boy Band Central, otherwise known as Orlando, Florida. Bet you didn’t think Loudmouth was from O-town…Well I came down to be a part of a blessed event, my best friend’s wedding.

But before I start celebrating and commiserating, I have to take a moment out to appreciate this city. From the moment I stepped off the plane–construction excluded–I felt the difference in the atmosphere. The airport was calm–granted it was midnight–and clean. I got my bags in less than five minutes and I stepped outside of baggage claim to wait for my parental units.

I looked down on the ground to find that the sidewalk was not laced with other people’s chewing gum and bodily secretions. I walked over to the bench to see that there was no litter anywhere near it and then I actually took a seat without worrying about what the condition of my backside would be when I got up.

The drive home was just so smooth. No potholes, no a**holes, no bums, no people. At first it was jarring to see a completely empty street, but then I got used to it. The streets were clean, all the homes were beautiful and new–I wondered if the real estate bubble bursted in our neck of the woods yet. There were Walgreens and CVSs on every corner and drive-thrus.

As you can see I am buggin’ out, but it’s so great to be home. For about five minutes, I considered moving back. I imagined a simple life in a nice two-story home with a two-car garage, where I would dine at Bahama Breeze and middle American chain restaurants, drive to get there and actually spend less than I would getting a McDonald’s value meal in the city–and exaggeration but you get it. I would wear flip-flops all year long and not worry about getting the soot foot. It would be great…

Then I came back to reality and realized there is no good industry for me here, so I might have to be easy. But it is good to be home. And did I mention how great it feels to walk on carpeted floors.


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