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September 20, 2007

I’ll Say A Little Prayer

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We all know people that after we tell them our problems, their way of brushing us off is sometimes by saying “I’ll pray for you.” Most of the time you can discern whether they will do it or not. But what about those times when you find out someone prayed for you without your asking? Especially when you didn’t expect them to.

Years ago it happened when two friends–that were still pretty new friends at the time–decided to pray for me. To this day I am not really sure what they were praying for but I remember the day one of them told me. I was dumbfounded and couldn’t believe that these girls who knew very little about me were lifting me up. I was truly moved. It was then that I knew they were true friends.

Well yesterday I had another one of those experiences. I had a very trying Tuesday in which I confided in a colleague about my troubles, cried in my office and went home drained. Nevertheless I decided to pick myself up and confront my giant on Wednesday. (The giant is a place, not a person.) I spoke to this colleague on yesterday and our conversation was strictly business until out of nowhere he said “By the way, I prayed for you last night.”

Immediately my eyes started to water and my heart felt like it would explode because I knew that he earnestly did intercede for me. Even though I had no idea at the moment when he was praying, when he told me I felt the power of his prayer. I felt so grateful to have a colleague that would intercede for me in my weakest moment. One that knew that I might not even pray about the situation myself and so he made sure to send the prayer up for me.

Words cannot describe what it feels like to know someone really cares. And I know that I have many friends and family that care about me, but when someone who barely knows you is bold enough to not only pray for you, but tell you they did it, that is the love of Christ fully embodied.

I’m Amazed.


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