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September 26, 2007


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Yesterday evening I was speaking to a friend about a situation at hand. I was telling her that I wanted to confide in another friend and ask them for the advice regarding the situation but she suggested that I ask another friend who she believed would be more than capable of giving me wise counsel because she recently got married. I agreed with my friend to a point but I was more interested in hearing what the other friend had to say because I knew his advice would come from a unfettered unemotional place. As we discussed the benefits of going to either person, I ended my call with her by saying that I would just go ahead and ask the greatest guru available, God. I said that only he could answer my question the way it needs to be answered and she said “That’s true,” and we left it at that.

So this morning as I prepared for my quiet time with God, I flipped through Charles Stanley’s “Into His Presence,” which I had not read in a couple of weeks because I was determined to refresh my devotional time. But instead of turning to the reading meant for this morning, the book stopped on September 22nd. Interesting I thought to myself because September 22nd was the day of my friend’s wedding and also the day that started the conversation that prompted me to make the other friend my guru because he had given me some incredible advice.

The reading was called “Discerning Godly Counsel” and the scripture reading was from I Kings 12:1-19. The scripture was about the revolt that was lead against Rehoboam. Rehoboam was to be king of Israel but the people wanted him the lighten the yoke that his father Solomon had put upon them. Of course Rehoboam did not know what to do on his own, so we sought counsel in two groups of people. He first went to the elders that stood before his father Solomon and they told him that if he would serve the people and speak good words to them, then they would be his servants forever. Rehoboam wasn’t satisfied with this word so he went to his friends who grew up with him. They told him that he should make their burdens heavier and scourge them. This was fitting advice for him and he followed suit by telling the people that this was his plan. Well clearly they weren’t pleased so they led a revolt against him.

Amazed at this biblical example of following the wrong counsel I went back to the devotional reading to see what Dr. Stanley had gleaned from it and this is what he said:

“Make sure the counsel you receive is from God. Don’t be quick to react to the words of others. Instead, spend time in prayer asking the Lord to confirm, guide, and provide the wisdom you need.”

“Wow!” I thought to myself. I wasn’t thinking anything about that conversation when I woke up but God knew that somehow he had to let me know which way to go. So now I know my last thought of just asking my guru God was the next right thing to do. But for some reason I am thinking which of my friends represent the elderly counsel and which the friend counsel?

Either way, I got the word that I needed.


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