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September 27, 2007

It’s Not About the Money…

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Yesterday I had a conversation with a friend about the way in which we view money and I came to the realization later on that night that it isn’t nearly as serious as we make it to be. What I realized is that we spend entirely too much time worrying about getting what we want while not acknowledging that our needs have been provided for by God. When did we change our focus from need-based to want-based?

We focus on home ownership in a time when some can’t even rent an apartment and there are no spaces in the shelters. We think about buying expensive clothes and shoes but we when faced with the task of writing our tithe checks we choke. Our priorities are so messed up because we’ve become more interested in glorifying our flesh and less in building the kingdom.

I know not everyone has that outlook, but it occurs to me that I spend lots of time worrying about what I want when all that I need I have. I have the basic necessities provided for: shelter, food, clothing. My bills are paid. And maybe there is even money left over to go out to the movies, buy a CD or some other little indulgence. But yet and still I’m worrying about big expenditures that aren’t absolutely necessary to my livelihood. I’m worried about my Blackberry, my iPod, the home that I want to buy. I’m concerned about how to save for a pair of Christian Louboutin’s and steadily trying to figure out how to get more clothes for the fall so I can be appropriately stylish, but none of this matters.

Consider how foolish our conversations sound to people who don’t even have a tenth of what we have. Desiring to buy a home even seems foolish in the eyes of someone who can barely rent an apartment or one that lives in a hut in a Third World country. As always I must disclaim that I am not against upward mobility because I want it for myself, but I must admit that sometimes I wonder if even striving for the bigger things in life are not hindrances to helping out the less fortunate.

It all goes back to live simply so that other may simply live. Remember Christ didn’t sacrifice himself so that we could worry about such foolish things.


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  1. it’s about stewardship. it’s about what we do with what God gives us. rick warren, in the purpose driven life, says we are to be channels, not reserviors(?). money, possessions, material items, etc. should flow through us. we’re not supposed to collect stuff. i know it’s easier said than done. but that’s our standard for living.

    Comment by Jay — October 3, 2007 @ 10:14 pm | Reply

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