The Loudmouth Protestant

September 28, 2007

Myron is Back!

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No I didn’t find his new album yet, but a gem from his last CD was brought to rememberance thanks to the good folks at Yahoo music.

I thought it was going to be a sad music day for me. When I boarded the train this morning to head to work, I dutifully pulled out my iPod only to find that there were no songs on it. How could this be, you ask? I don’t even know, but I know it has been acting up in such a way that I’ve been considering saving up for a new one. So with no music I was left to my own devices so I chose the first best thing, to read my Bible–the book of Amos to be exact. But unfortunately I can’t read the Bible throughout business hours so that is where the iPod dilemma showed itself. With no music to listen to, the prospect of my staying in high spirits and alert were very slim until I recalled my good and faithful servant Yahoo music.

I started out on the Today’s R&B station thinking I’d change it up but I became utterly annoyed–more on that later. So I went back to the “tried and true” gospel station. It was there that I found Myron again. His song “You Will Survive” started to play, a song that has brought me to tears on many occasions but today was different. The boldface verse was, “When life’s ups and downs get the best of you, know that God ordained it to bless you.” With a smile on my face I nodded in agreeance and I discovered something new.

Every trial and triumph in my life–also a part of the song–was ordained by God. The roller coaster of emotions that I am often on is evidence of God. At my peak, God is with me. And when I am low down in the valley he is there to bring me out. I can’t think of a time when I didn’t seek refuge in him during those low times and he didn’t bring me out. Even now as I struggle with my season of singleness, he is sustaining me and giving me strength to hold on to the promise he gave me. I even understand now that the promise is written on my heart because I can feel it–more on this later too. I know the desires of my heart and so does He.

Amazing that this could all come from a song, but you understand a little bit more about why I need the new CD in my life.


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