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October 8, 2007

Joan’s Moans

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Spoiler Alert: If you watch Girlfriends, you might want to look away now.

I am a huge fan of the show “Girlfriends” by Mara Brock Akil, but after about 4 years of watching I have this problem. I am sick and tired of watching Joan always getting left behind–and I am not talking the rapture. You see, for the past four years Joan has been on a journey to find her soulmate. This journey has found her busted and disguted every single time she comes within reach of a potential mate. Each time I sit through one of these episodes my heart breaks more and more for Joan.

On tonight’s episode, Joan’s fiancee, who is in the National Guard, gets called off to Iraq. Prior to his being drafted Joan had no idea he was in the National Guard because he decided to hide it from her–his excuse “I only had four month’s left.” So first Joan hijacks him and takes him to Mexico and they decide to get married there but Joan decides to use a measure of faith and tells him that she believe he will come home so getting married in a Mexico minute will be unnecessary. But after she drops him off and returns home we find our dear Joan in the position she is always in, slumped down in a corner crying like a baby.

Now I always commend Akil for excellent writing and story lines. These are real stories and this is the way that it happens for women the world over, but why must it always happen to Joan. When will she finally get her moment? When will women, who have tuned into Girlfriends for the past five years, be able to have their vicarious marriage? When Mara Brock Akil? When?


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