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October 8, 2007

Look What God Has Done

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On Saturday evening I went to see the Color Purple on Broadway starring Fantasia Barrino. I heard many great things about her performance in the play so I was very excited for the opportunity to see her. I had the greatest seats ever–second row behind the orchestra–so I had the best view of Barrino in action–and Clifton Davis from “Amen” for all my 80s babies.

I don’t want to give away anything about the play in case you decide to travel from afar to see it–like most people that go–so all I will say is that this is the most amazing play that I have ever seen. Fantasia performed with all of her mind, body and soul. She fully committed to Celie. Watching her, I was fully convinced that she took the same emotional journey as Celie did. She owned the brokenness of a woman that was told she was ugly all of her life. She embodied the shame of a girl who got pregnant at a young age. She broke my heart for every minute that the play spanned.

But of all the goodness of her performance, I was most taken back by her humility. When it was time to do the requisite Broadway bow, Fantasia came out with tears in her eyes and mouthed the words “Thank You Jesus” and she pointed to the sky. You could tell that she knew exactly where her help came from and that she knows exactly who got her to that moment.

At the end of the play they sung a song entitled “Look What God Has Done.” And I don’t think there could have been a more profound end to the play for a woman who has seen God’s grace lead her from a troubled youth to the top of the charts and now to Broadway.


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