The Loudmouth Protestant

October 15, 2007

Funny Church Folks

Filed under: church — nickisym @ 9:43 pm

A friend and I were discussing the idiosyncracies of church folks. We were talking about the kind of folks that automatically assume that you have fallen into temptation when you miss church service or Bible study one week. The ones that when they see you after your absence they are all “Are you okay? I haven’t seen you in so long.” These are the folks that go forward with thinking that you must be pregnant when you miss two weeks who then turn into the folks that tell the whole church you had an abortion when you miss four weeks in a row.

Sure this seems like an exaggeration, but unfortunately people like this exist in all churches. They like to focus on condemnation and speculation before they have an actual conversation with the person in question. They are the type that keep non-believers out of the church. I just consider them pure comedy and prayer-worthy–just am I am.

I mean nothing condemning in writing this, I just felt like pointing out the group and putting them on amber alert. We are hip to you…


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