The Loudmouth Protestant

October 19, 2007

My How Time Changes Things…

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This afternoon I was scheduled to do an interview with a cause celeb in one of the city’s most prestigious hotels. When I received the location for the interview it seemed familiar to me, if only by name. But as I walked up to the hotel, it didn’t click. It didn’t click at all until I reached the front door where I was greeted by two doormen and welcomed into the stately lobby. It was then that I was taken back to a time three years ago when I was being interviewed for a position at a startup public relations firm.

I was nervous about putting my best foot forward with the woman who owned the company because I felt that I might not be worthy enough to work for her firm–only having an internship at a major magazine, an internship before that, a degree with honors and dynamite communications skills–oh and the top HR recruiter on my side (as you can see, I specialized in short-changing myself.)

I hoped above all hopes that I would get the job because I was afraid I’d have to leave New York otherwise. I felt like everything was hanging on my getting this job. Clearly God had bigger plans in store for me, so it turned out that I didn’t get the job with the PR firm, I actually landed a full-time position with that major magazine.

Fast-forward to three years later. I’ve since left that major magazine for greener pastures which sometimes are a bit daunting, but today God would show himself mighty to me again as I’ve been put in the interviewers chair. Sure I was jittery and nervous, but more than the bowl of emotions that I was, I was thankful that God brought me from such a mighty long way.

If God has been this faithful to me now I can only imagine was the future will hold.


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