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October 28, 2007

Self-Improvement v. Self-Removal

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This evening I was having a wonderful conversation with my best friend and her husband about today’s feel good preachers. We were discussing the fact that these preachers are problematic because they fail to save souls based on the unadulterated version of the Bible. Instead they pick and choose portions of the scripture and then turn them into self-help.

Without going too much into it because I really don’t feel like getting very preachy this evening, I wanted to bring up an amazing bold point that my friend’s husband pointed out. He said that these preachers focus on doling out tips for self-improvement as opposed to self-replacement or removal. Well, my mind was totally blown off of that one because I don’t think I ever thought about it that way. But it makes total sense.

These preachers preach to thousands of people on Sundays and then millions on any given day of the week through their various programs, sermons, books, podcast, etc. Many fall prey to their version of helping people becoming a better version of themselves when in the first place, scripture calls for us to die to our old selves and become new creation. New creationism does not involve improving the old self. It has to do with throwing away the old self and surrendering it to God.

But how can one throw off the old self if they are sitting under teaching that glorifies trying to help the old self instead of killing it? This is something I think the larger Christian community needs to take into consideration and into their prayer closet.


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  1. my co worker calls herself spiritual. she says her father follows something close to hinduism. i guess she attirbutes his practice to herself.

    anyway, one day, some months ago, she told me how she was vegged out on her sofa one sunday morning and she happened upon Joel Osteen. she said she liked him. he was very inspirational and motivational.

    my knewe jerk reaction was, “i dont like him. he doesnt really teach from the bible as much as i would like.” towards the end of the conversation, i realized that it would be hard for me to encourage her to watch him (in case shows people how to accept Jesus into their lives) after I just discredited him.

    i still have no much personal use for Joel Osteen. but i realize that he might the gateway for mony people who are seeking but are turned off by other ministeries. in other words, my coworker could have listened to Joel Osteen for weeks without being led to Christ. But maybe she would be piqued enough to explore other ministries. she may not listen to Creflo, but she might stop and listen to my man Charles Stanley. we all know that she will hear the gospel within 5 minutes of watching him.

    my point is, yes we should pray. we should pray for these ministries because, although they may not meet biblical standards, God can still use them to draw people to Him. and we should be careful about what we say about these minstries.

    Comment by Jay — October 28, 2007 @ 11:16 pm | Reply

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