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October 28, 2007

There Are No Short Cuts

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Today I spent a good portion of my time in a hair salon attending to my business. Unlike other trips to the salon this one was daunting because I spent the majority of the summer taking short cuts with my hair. I was nervous prior to going because I knew that I wasn’t taking care of my hair the way I should have. I went to an alternate salon because I was being a cheap skate and because that salon knew how to get me in and out in under an hour and a half. But I found out the hard way that convenience is not a good look when it comes to having good looking hair.

The stylist I visited today told me that my hair was in need of repair. While it wasn’t badly damaged, my day at the salon costed me more than I intended the spend. Usually I would be very nervous at the prospect of spending over $100 to get my hair done because I see it as an extravagant waste, but I knew there was no other recourse.

With the thought of spending a pretty penny on my head I decided to open up my Bible to calm my nerves and I was glad that in the midst of my reading my stylist came over to me and said “That’s the Good Book.” She said it in a manner that wasn’t cliche or fake, I felt her spirit was in agreeance with mine. She was also very gentle with the way she explained the process she was taking with my hair and I really felt like she had my best interest in mind.

My trip to the salon today taught me a lesson that one should never trade in quantity for quality. Clearly I should have known this a longtime ago because being a woman of color, our hair is nothing to take lightly. But hey, better late than never.


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  1. i learned that same lesson with food. in 2005 i was eating alot og fast food: burgers fries, soda, etc. in early 2006 my doctor told me that my cholesterol was “borderline high” there’s a small range between normal and high. i was literally right in between. i hadf a decision to make. i could take the, “im young so i can take it approach” or i could take the, “i need to take care of this while im young approach.”

    for the 3 months between visits i ate no fast foods. i almost no fried foods (a snuck a fry every now and then) and i execerised a lil more.

    when i got my results after the second visit my cholesterol dropped over 40 pts. i was well within normal range. when i saw the number, i couldnt believe it.

    i know God blessed me with a healthy heart. i want to take care it. its the only one ill ever have. i plan to grow old. but i dont want to live 60 healthy years then 30 painful years. i want at least 91 years of healthy life. that will never happen with boiling peanut oil in my veins.

    so now, im more aware of the quality of food i eat. and whole foods will never go out of business with the amount of money i spend there. but its about the quality, not the money!

    Comment by Jay — October 28, 2007 @ 11:06 pm | Reply

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