The Loudmouth Protestant

November 1, 2007

A Childish Moment

Today I had a moment that brought me back to childish days.

I was standing in line at one of the city’s best discount bookstores. As I stood in the line one person bypassed the line and went straight to the register–I gave her a pass because I figured she didn’t know any better. But then it happened again.

This time two men bypassed the line and positioned themselves in front of the cash registers. My eyes widened and my blood began to boil as I watched them. Fortunately one of them was with a friend but the other one was just out of order. When the cashier called for the next person, the runty man stepped up and he became the straw that broke the camel’s back. I shouted “Excuse me, the line starts back here.” But to no avail the man nor the cashier responded to my cry. I was called no less than a nano-second later so I took that as my opportunity to let the cashier know that they should regulate the lines better. The android said nothing to me, he scanned my book, told me how much it was and asked me if I wanted a bag. I was incensed at his behavior and I was tempted to throw the book in his face and walk out, but alas…

In the midst of my anger and the conspicuous disdain I was showing him, I thought about the book I was buying. It is entitled “Amazing Grace: A Vocabulary of Faith.” I thought about the fact that this man just saw me purchase the book and due to my behavior he could typify me as one of those “nasty/crazy Christians”–even if I was right to air my grievance. Clearly he couldn’t necessarily assume I am Christian just because I am buying a Christian book, but everyone makes snap judgments.

Now in retrospect I am thinking deeper than that book and thinking of the book, God’s holy word which says that “Human anger does not produce the righteousness God desires.” “Doh!”  Hopefully next time my biblical relfex kicks in a little bit quicker so that I act like more of the adult in Christ I am not the child in Christ I was. Pass the meat please.


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