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November 3, 2007

A Purposeful Trip

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On the first Saturday of every month my dance ministry usually has Bible study. So like a good and faithful servant, God roused me from my bed early this morning. I’ll admit that on most Saturdays I am in a rush to do nothing and because of that I rush through my devotional time. But today felt different and so I went with the flow and prayed to God like I had all the time in the world to do so. After I finished my prayer I began to get ready for the day ahead of me but I was still moving at what seemed like snail’s pace and time was moving just as slow. I left my house ahead of time and was able to walk leisurely to the train station and listen to some worship music to climatize myself for the word ahead of me. My spirits were high and I felt like I was on cloud nine.

I arrived at the station well before the train was slated to depart so I also took my time getting my ticket and situating myself in an area where the 20 degree windchill wouldn’t blow me away.

The train arrived on schedule and was pretty much on schedule until I reached my destination. Actually I reached Queens but there were track troubles ahead so the train couldn’t pull into the station. We sat there in the middle of nowhere for about 10-15 minutes and I took that as my opportunity to text message the dance ministry leadership to let them know I was running late. I patiently waited for the train to start moving again and no sooner than I sent the message, we were off. The train pulled into the station, I jetted out the door and briskly walked down the street toward the bus depot. I got on a bus and arrived at the church with two minutes to spare–or so I thought.

I decided to sit on the upper level of the sanctuary because a division was still in practice. But as I sat there, it occured to me that I was in some kind of twilight zone. I looked around and down and noticed that there was no one there. At first this wasn’t really surprising because the member’s of the ministry are known for being late, but this late, I thought to myself, this is ridiculous. I leaned over and asked the ministry videographer if we had Bible study and right away she said “I don’t think so.” (Here come the dark clouds.) I couldn’t believe it, no Bible Study and I made my way from Brooklyn to Queens in this cold weather. I calmed down for long enough to call a friend of mine who might know the deal and he answered his phone in grogginess and told me he doesn’t believe that there is Bible Study either. At this point I was absolutely astonished and stupified, but I had resigned myself to not getting upset over it because it just wasn’t worth it.

So I relaxed, I related, I released and I tried to make sense out of my trip. And the it came to me.

While I was on the bus heading to the church, I was sitting in front of a woman who wasn’t capable of chewing her gum like a normal person–this means she was popping, clicking, etc (It’s my pet peeve and I find it to be a despicable human habit). I put on my headphones but to no avail I was still being overcome with annoyance by her inability to chew with her mouth closed, so I moved to the back of the bus far away from her. When I reached the back of the bus I saw a shiny black device that resembled a PS2. What do you know? It was a PS2 in all its glory. It was all alone and by itself. I picked it up and cradled it in my hand and decided to turn it on to see if I could figure out who the owner was. I found no information after going through it for duration of my ride, so I gave it to the bus driver, who immediately called it into his unit. I left the bus feeling like I did something worthwhile and praying that the PS2 owner would be reunited with their device sooner rather than later.

So you see, there was a purpose in my trip after all.


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