The Loudmouth Protestant

November 3, 2007

Antichrist Defined…

I am currently reading Kathleen Norris’ NY Times bestseller “Amazing Grace: A Vocabulary of Faith.” She takes some of the the hardest words known to the faith and defines them by way of her life experiences. It’s awesome thus far, I am on the chapter about exorcism, but felt the need to share what she defines Antichrist as. While meeting with her pastor to help her understand who the Antichrist is, here is what she shared:

“He quickly summarized and dismissed the tendency that Christians have always had to identify the Antichrist with their personal enemies, or with those in power whom they have reason to detest. It is an easy temptation: in our own century, the Antichrist has been equated with Adolf Hitler, Joseph Stalin, Poll Pot, and given the current state of political hysteria in America, no doubt Bill and Hillary Clinton as well–this book was published in 1998.

What the pastor said was so simple that it will remain with me forever. ‘Each one of us acts as an Antichrist,’ he said, ‘whenever we hear the gospel and do not do it.'”



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