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November 11, 2007

Christmas Time Is Here…

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So let the spending or commence–or not. The latter is the point of view of the Rev. Billy and his “Church of Stop Shopping.” He is the star of the new Morgan Spurlock-produced documentary entitled “What Would Jesus Buy?”

The WWJB crusade went across the America trying to convince people to repent from their wicked ways of consumption and think about the true meaning of Christmas. Though my biggest problem with this film is the fact that they capitalized on the showmanship of charismatic Christian preachers and choirs to get their message across and they failed to let people know what the true reason for the Advent season is, they hit the nail on the head in regards to America’s problem with over-consumption. We focus on the quantity of gifts instead of the quality. The recieving instead of giving. The spirit of consumerism before we focus on the Holy Spirit. We have surely been decieved by the god of this world.

Many tried to answer the question, “What Would Jesus Buy?” Some said he would buy a yarmulke, some said he’d buy sandals, others said he’d buy socks, but I dare to wonder if he would bother with any of that. I want to know, what would Jesus do on Christmas? It seems like a crazy question written out, but I feel that it would certainly put things into perspective.

For those that are so inclined here is a trailer of the movie:

If you liked “Super Size Me” you will love this movie. Lack of references to the true father of the season notwithstanding, this movie can surely convict the comfortable. It will be in limited release starting this week at NY’s Cinema Village.


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