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November 13, 2007

I Wish…

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This evening as I was riding the train home I overheard the conversation of a group of black teenagers. One of them was talking about the other and telling him that he was ugly and dirty. The instigator dropped the N-bomb about 50 times in the span of my three minute ride. He told his victim that he looks like his male organ, that his lips were so chapped that it looked like someone cut him just because they felt like it, and he also told the boy that he could never get any witch with looks like his. (Read witches with a “b” not the ones from Eastwick.)

I looked at the young man a couple of times hoping to catch his eye. I didn’t know what I would say if he looked in my direction so I tried to go back to reading my book and calling on Jesus. During this youth’s conversation, most people on the train had a look of disdain on their faces but no one could do an earthly thing about it and this really ticked me off. We were all powerless because we were afraid of the backlash. What kind of world do we live in when adults are scared to step to a youth that is being disrespectful because we fear for our lives? I felt sad that the people on that train had to be subject to such disgusting language, all from the mouth of a teenager that is barely old enough to pull up his own pants. I managed to calm down by the time that I walked into my home but then I came upon this article:

The KKK Disbands: Leaves Their Job To Black Folks

The KKK leader stepped to the podium, his hood lowered around his shoulders

And a look of disgust on his face. He said, ‘Sorry guys but this will be our last meeting; we’re going out of business.’

A member stood up in back. ‘But why sir?’

The leader sighed, ‘Well, reverend, the Blacks are doing a better job getting rid of themselves than we ever did, so we are no longer needed.’

There were rumblings and protest. The leader raised his hand to silence The Klan members, and said, ‘Their rap music says more vile things about Black women than we ever thought of.’

The members grudgingly nodded in approval. The Imperial Dragon Continued: ‘And their women write books and make songs that demean black Men better Than my two speech writers ever could, looking down at two men seated in Front who lowered their heads.

‘They shoot each other constantly ‘, he continued;’ And as a group, they Spend a huge amounts of money on cars, liquor, that stuff they call bling Bling, and the proliferation of rap music — as they talk about all that in their magazines — and nobody needs us to talk about how a lot of their sorry butts keep playing the race and victim cards while complaining that Other groups are surpassing them in economic development and supposedly getting more attention in schools. Hell, they even support a so-called ‘Black Hair’ DVD that a white man is making money on, in four sequels at $20.00 a pop.

They talk about how Koreans have taken over the ‘black hair’ industry, without acknowledging that Black entrepreneurs had 100 years to get a monopoly or Entrenchment in the industry that Madam C.J Walker founded 100 years ago, but got out-hu[SPAM]ed and out-strategies, while spending investment capital elsewhere.

Let’s face it, they’re being hoisted by their own petards.’ !

Some members went looking for dictionaries, while most members nodded, as it hit them that their job was finished; that Blacks had become their Own Worst Enemy.

The leader shook his head. ‘It’s time to go back to our regular lives as Policemen, judges and congressmen, and leave the business of getting rid of Blacks to Blacks.
They are just better at it than us.’

He then threw his hood on the ground and walked off the stage. Thus ended the last KKK meeting.

User Epilogue….

We may hate to read this, but buried not to deep within there is a message here. I truly hope you are able fathom it and take something away from it. Our young people especially need to read this.


Each one teach one, each one reach one, that’s all it takes. We will only go as fast as our last straggler!! We will only climb as high as the one whose shoulders you stood on to get out of that hole. No one of us is as smart as all of us. Start today, make a difference.

I don’t think I need to say anything else


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