The Loudmouth Protestant

December 2, 2007


Today marks the first day of the 2007 Advent season, the time when we wait expectantly for the birth of our Lord Jesus. It is a time set aside for Christians across to world to do something other than wait in lines at the mall, wait for gifts and wait to sit down at a table to gorge themselves. It is a time when we think only of the meaning of the birth of Christ and acknowledge the significance that day played in our lives. It is a time to celebrate the coming of our Lord and savior.

This will be my first year going through the Advent calendar. This year I am greeting the season a little differently. In previous years I was caught up in the pomp and circumstance of Christmas. By November I already knew what I would ask for for Christmas and I knew what I was getting my friends and my family. I was always excited for the season because it meant that I would get all the things I dreamed of earlier in that year but couldn’t buy myself. Granted I knew that Christmas day was about celebrating the birth of Jesus but it wasn’t something that I was really celebrating in my heart.

But this year, Christmas means so much more to me than giving and receiving gifts. This year I am fully prepared to consecrate myself to wait for the coming of my Lord. I wait with anticipation to celebrate his coming. I want to worship more deeply, study harder, pray more fervently and just make a change starting this season. Instead of waiting for the New Year, I want to make this my preparation for life in the newness of Christ. Awaiting the birth of Christ is like waiting for the New Year because without his birth there could have been no death and without his death there could be no resurrection upon which all of us have received new life so it is a new opportunity for us all to re-dedicate ourselves to God. I am so excited about that I am changing my devotional to incorporate Advent readings from SacredSpace a publication distributed by the Jesuit Communcation Center in Ireland. So as we count down the days his coming I will be sharing with you some of the insight I have gained from the book and from preparing for Christmas in a better way this year. Here’s to a joyous Advent!


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  1. Praise the lord, loudmouthp! Very nice post. I’ve enjoyed reading your blog, and will stop by again from time to time to read your thoughts (especially on Advent). Please visit me at sometime.

    Comment by troper — December 3, 2007 @ 12:31 pm | Reply

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