The Loudmouth Protestant

December 8, 2007

Screw Your Pumas!!!

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This afternoon on my way home I was riding the 3 train to Brooklyn. It was a fairly empty car with the exception of a few people sitting across and diagonal from me. Everyone was chatting and minding their own business and I was just sitting there watching all of this unfold before my eyes. Suddenly I looked up to see a man stumbling into our car from the previous car. His clothes were soiled, his hair was matted down and he looked like he might have been drunk and homeless. As he walked through the train being thrown back and forth both by the train and his own alleged inibriation he mistakenly skimmed over the foot of a man sitting down with his girlfriend. Like a reflex, the man immediately bent over to brush off his shoe and spit expletives at the man for not watching his step.

When I saw this I was appalled. The man sitting down had no idea what kind of day that stumbling man had. He had no idea whether this man needed something to eat, something to drink or just needed someone to smile at him. No, this man was only concerned about his stinking Pumas–that weren’t even that hot in the first place. I wish that I was in the position to say something to the offender but we just don’t live in a world where you can put strangers in their place. It just brought to remembrance what Christ said when he said “When you do these things to the least of them, you did them to me.” If only that man only knew…


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