The Loudmouth Protestant

December 10, 2007

The Accutane Account: The First Ten Pills

As of today I finished my first ten-day round of Accutane and I feel pretty normal with the exception of having extremely dry lips.

For a short period of time my skin seemed to be making minor improvements. Some of my pimples went down but I could also feel emerging pimples below the surface of my skin waiting to rare its ugly head. On top of this rollercoaster skin episode, I saw that my hair was shedding more than usual last week. I mentioned this on a previous post and said that I wasn’t going to freak out too much and I didn’t until I saw that it was still happening at the end of the week. By Friday I had enough of combing my hair or running my hands through my hair only to see many strands in the comb or my hands. I called my doctor on Friday afternoon and asked her what this could all be about. We went through all the possibilities. Trauma? No. Death in the family? No. Dietary changes? No, save for my switch to pescatarianism about two months ago. Stress? I am trying not to.

That just about ruled everything out. She told me to take 2.5 mgs of Biotin–a vitamin good for hair, skin and nails and also try Rogaine. I took her advice and went to the store later on that evening to find both. Didn’t find the Biotin but I found the Rogaine and decided that I would bypass it because of the price–$47. I figured–and the doctor told me this–just to give it some time. So finally today I went to GNC and purchased some Biotin. So we will see if it helps. I do pray that it does because I am on a pretty low dose of Accutane–40mg–and if my hair shedding is due to the Accutane I would hate to see what happened if they increased my dosage.

So folks, I ask that you pray for me in this time. You know how desperate I am for clear skin but pray that I don’t let this become my god to the point that I sacrifice other parts of myself for it. It’s quite tempting to do so, that’s for sure. Day 11, here I come.


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