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January 30, 2008

Live in Peace on Myspace…

It has come to my attention that MySpace has deleted and refused to undelete their largest atheist and agnostic group and they have gone so far as to delete some of the individual users who are atheists. Unfortunately in my reading of this story there were some hard facts missing like, “Why exactly would they feel the need to delete the group?” I believe if you are going to release a story about a social networking site owned by a conservative media company, you better let us know a little bit more than “they refuse to undelete the group.”

  Now it may seem strange that a Protestant is about to argue a case for not deleting an atheist/agnostic board on Myspace, but I am going to try as I might letting the words of Dietrich Bonhoeffer state my case:

 Do what is right not only to respectable citizens, but especially to the disrespectable ones as well; be at peace not only with those who are peaceable, but especially with those who do not wish to let us live in peace. Even the heathen can live in peace with those who are peaceable to them. But Jesus Christ died not for those who are respectable and peaceable, but for sinners and enemies, for the disrespectful, for the haters and killers. Our hearts make sure that we only keep the company of friends, of the righteous and the respectable. But Jesus was to be found right in the midst of his enemies. That is precisely where he wanted to be. We should be there too…But Christ wants us to be in the midst of our enemies, as he was; it was in the midst of his enemies that he dies the death of God’s love and prayed: Father, forgive them for they know not what they do. Christ wants to win his victory among his enemies. Therefore, do not withdraw, do not seclude yourselves; rather seek to do good unto all. Make peace, as far as it depends on you, with all.  –from a Testament to Freedom 286 found in “A Year with Dietrich Bonhoeffer” 


January 29, 2008

Working is Overrated…

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when you are trying to get a date. So following up on my reinstating Crazy Blind Date, it turned out that today, lowering my standard was going to pay off–iff I had done a better job of procrastinating by way of checking my Gmail like a basehead. For the first time in a while I managed to take my Blackberry off of my desk and I placed it in my bag while I just dealt with the e-mails arriving in my Outlook inbox.

I worked like this all day long and found that I was on a whole new level of productivity that was so fierce that at one point I didn’t know I was doing work, it was all just so seamless. But in all workdays you must have a lull and my lull came at about 5:00.

I took out my Blackberry and noticed there were voicemail indicators, e-mails indicators and one text messages indicator. I decided to check the latter first and that is when I saw a text from a strange number telling me that I have a potential date with a man by the name of William who is 28 and trying to meet me in Union Square. “Great,” I thought. Not “great!” like I am so happy for this opportunity, but the “great” like I can’t believe I am going have to go through with this because even though I had basically put this Crazy Blind Date out of my mind I knew I would have to fulfill my obligation and go so as not to hurt a perfect stranger’s feelings.

The message sent from the cryptic number told me to log onto my account to find out more about my potential date, so I took the lull moment to log onto my CBD account and see what I can find about my date. Once I log on, I look to the right, the left, the top of the page and the bottom and I see nothing about a crazy blind date notification just a note that they are trying find me a date but my restrictions are making it hard for one of the 26 men that would like to go out with me make a commitment to a 30 minutes date–crazy right?

So finally I decide to check my personal e-mail to see what the deal could be and there at the top of my inbox was a message from the personnel at CBD that said I let a date expire, so it’s over. “Bullocks!” I then scroll down and see the original message created to alert me that William, 28 wants to meet me in Union Square and in order to accept the date I must respond by 4:00 PM EST.

Well, clearly I didn’t get the message anytime before 4:00 so it was over.I missed my chance for Tuesday night craps and giggles but it is well with my soul.

Until next time… 

January 28, 2008

Take the Limits Off

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I have pretty high expectations for 2008 and one of those expectations is that I will get a date before the year is out.  So in my attempt to actually book a date this year I have decided that it is time for me to take the limits off. For as long as I can remember I walked around with a scroll of requirements for my ideal mate. As I described it to a friend last night it went a little something like “But he’s got to be tall, but he’s got to be smart, but he’s got to be cute/gorgeous/breath-taking/a beautiful mess, but he’s got to be clever, but he has to wear this, but he has to read this, but he has to say this, but he has to be this, etc.The list goes on and on and if the person didn’t meet even one of those requirements he was out the door.As I got older those requirements were even more fine-tuned and got as complex as dealing with the complexion of his skin and his ethnicity. It was crazy because essentially I was making my dating pool quite shallow–problematic for a girl that would like a dating life that more resembles “Sex and the City” without the sex. But that was then and this is now. This is not to say that I don’t have any standards, but I can say that I have loosened the belt a bit. I guess I am a bit of an EOE–oooh I still shudder when I say it.Nevertheless I am going out on a limb this year and my first limb-y activity is to try Crazy Blind Date yet again. For the first time in months I logged onto my account and scheduled a date for tomorrow night. This time I might even have a chance at a crazy blind date because I actually took off every restriction save for the requirement that he must be a Christian and he must have a college degree. So for craps and giggles we will see what happens and I will be sure to let you know the results of taking the limits off in this crazy dating world. 

January 27, 2008

Where Have I Been?

It’s been too long that I have been away from you and I am sorry. It wasn’t a planned hiatus but it turns out my dearest McAllister had to go through some upgrades before he was fit for use again. He is now back and better than ever and I hope that you will say the same for me and my discourse here. I have much to tell you, so let’s get to it. But first, I wanted to share with you this wonderful MAC v PC video. Can you guess which side of the debate I am on? 

January 3, 2008

The First Confirmation of 2008

As I was in Watchnight on New Year’s Eve amongst the saints and in the midst of praise and worship, a voice–presumably God’s–told me that this was the year that I needed to embark on a journey to find my authentic spirituality. Lately I have been feeling a tug to explore it and this is why I’ve been looking to contemplative practice, Daily Offices, lectio divina and other spiritual practices to find my authentic spirituality and a deeper connection with God. This search for my personal spirituality will also include attending different churches. So that those that know me don’t think I am jumping ship I am keeping my home church, but I am also going visit other churches to fellowship with the greater body of Christ that I have been ignoring. I am personally tired of segregating myself and exhausted with not necessarily feeling like I own my Sunday experience the way I should.

I received confirmation about this by way of the first book that I am reading in 2008 entitled “Monk Habits for Everyday People: Benedictine Spirituality for Protestants.” The author Dennis Okholm has this to say about Protestants learning to fellowship and worship with the different denominations of Christianity:

“…a healthy ecclesiology demands that Protestants learn from their Benedictine brothers and sisters. In Ephesians 3:14-21 Paul prays that his readers will come to know the dimensions of God’s reality “with all the saints.” This was emphasized at my ordination, as I was charged with appreciating the various traditions out of which I had come (Pentecostal and Baptist) along with the one into which I had entered (Presbyterian). Little did I know at that time that this would eventually also include Roman Catholic Benedictines. But it makes sense given the strong emphasis on eschatology (the study of “last things”) in evangelicalism: one day we will gather at the eschatological banquet, surrounded not only by God’s chosen from every nation but also by his chosen from every branch of Christianity.

…Like little children in high society who take classes from Miss Manners so that they will be ready to conduct themselves appropriately at formal dinners, we Christians might as well practice rubbing shoulders with those who will share the table at the great banquet feast of the lamb.”

January 1, 2008

“This Is It” the Video

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By Kirk Franklin

This Is It!!!

For the past few weeks I have been blasting Kirk Franklin’s latest CD and one of my favorite songs is “This Is It.” It’s a warfare song which is appropriate for the CD which is title “The Fight of My Life.” The first line in the song is

“I’m a cry now, go ahead and get it out of my system, I’m a hurt now, but soon I gotta get back to livin’, Can’t be here next year giving you these same tears.”

Those words mark so much of my life in 2007. It’s not that I was overly sad about any one thing, but I found that I was fretting alot. I was worried about not ever getting married, I was worried about my parents passing on, I was worried about my job, I was worried about my skin, I was worried about my relationship with God. I was a worry-wart but as of last night, December 31, 2007, I decided that I can’t be that person anymore. It takes entirely too much time to worry and be stressed out about things I don’t have any control over. Worrying gives the devil an upperhand and tells him that you are going to believe his report instead of the report of the Lord.

So now, on the first day of January I am renewed woman. I know it is going to be a day-by-day process but I know that I have to be encouraged for myself. Imagine, in my church’s Watchnight service the sermonic selection was “Encourage Yourself.” Well that is exactly what I am going to do this year. I am going to encourage myself, I am going to take care of myself and I am going to love myself unconditionally just as God loves me. It’s time to make this the best year ever and I hope that you will have an incredibly blessed year as well.

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