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January 29, 2008

Working is Overrated…

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when you are trying to get a date. So following up on my reinstating Crazy Blind Date, it turned out that today, lowering my standard was going to pay off–iff I had done a better job of procrastinating by way of checking my Gmail like a basehead. For the first time in a while I managed to take my Blackberry off of my desk and I placed it in my bag while I just dealt with the e-mails arriving in my Outlook inbox.

I worked like this all day long and found that I was on a whole new level of productivity that was so fierce that at one point I didn’t know I was doing work, it was all just so seamless. But in all workdays you must have a lull and my lull came at about 5:00.

I took out my Blackberry and noticed there were voicemail indicators, e-mails indicators and one text messages indicator. I decided to check the latter first and that is when I saw a text from a strange number telling me that I have a potential date with a man by the name of William who is 28 and trying to meet me in Union Square. “Great,” I thought. Not “great!” like I am so happy for this opportunity, but the “great” like I can’t believe I am going have to go through with this because even though I had basically put this Crazy Blind Date out of my mind I knew I would have to fulfill my obligation and go so as not to hurt a perfect stranger’s feelings.

The message sent from the cryptic number told me to log onto my account to find out more about my potential date, so I took the lull moment to log onto my CBD account and see what I can find about my date. Once I log on, I look to the right, the left, the top of the page and the bottom and I see nothing about a crazy blind date notification just a note that they are trying find me a date but my restrictions are making it hard for one of the 26 men that would like to go out with me make a commitment to a 30 minutes date–crazy right?

So finally I decide to check my personal e-mail to see what the deal could be and there at the top of my inbox was a message from the personnel at CBD that said I let a date expire, so it’s over. “Bullocks!” I then scroll down and see the original message created to alert me that William, 28 wants to meet me in Union Square and in order to accept the date I must respond by 4:00 PM EST.

Well, clearly I didn’t get the message anytime before 4:00 so it was over.I missed my chance for Tuesday night craps and giggles but it is well with my soul.

Until next time… 


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