The Loudmouth Protestant

January 30, 2008

Live in Peace on Myspace…

It has come to my attention that MySpace has deleted and refused to undelete their largest atheist and agnostic group and they have gone so far as to delete some of the individual users who are atheists. Unfortunately in my reading of this story there were some hard facts missing like, “Why exactly would they feel the need to delete the group?” I believe if you are going to release a story about a social networking site owned by a conservative media company, you better let us know a little bit more than “they refuse to undelete the group.”

  Now it may seem strange that a Protestant is about to argue a case for not deleting an atheist/agnostic board on Myspace, but I am going to try as I might letting the words of Dietrich Bonhoeffer state my case:

 Do what is right not only to respectable citizens, but especially to the disrespectable ones as well; be at peace not only with those who are peaceable, but especially with those who do not wish to let us live in peace. Even the heathen can live in peace with those who are peaceable to them. But Jesus Christ died not for those who are respectable and peaceable, but for sinners and enemies, for the disrespectful, for the haters and killers. Our hearts make sure that we only keep the company of friends, of the righteous and the respectable. But Jesus was to be found right in the midst of his enemies. That is precisely where he wanted to be. We should be there too…But Christ wants us to be in the midst of our enemies, as he was; it was in the midst of his enemies that he dies the death of God’s love and prayed: Father, forgive them for they know not what they do. Christ wants to win his victory among his enemies. Therefore, do not withdraw, do not seclude yourselves; rather seek to do good unto all. Make peace, as far as it depends on you, with all.  –from a Testament to Freedom 286 found in “A Year with Dietrich Bonhoeffer” 


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