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February 5, 2008

It’s the Hardest Thing…

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That is the ticket to your breakthrough…

With Lent two days away I have had to turn my thoughts toward what I will be denying myself of for 40+ days. What is that one thing, if presented with the thought of not having it in my life for 40-days, would break my heart.

Music? Hmmm, not so much. Food? I can go cold turkey without creature comforts like cupcakes and Korean Fried chicken. Shopping? Thank the Lord I don’t shop enough for it to be a stronghold. I prefer to have “Money in the Bank.” Television? And I pause. A lump forms in my throat, I get nervous, sweaty, my stomach starts to churn, my mind starts racing—but what will I do with those 2 hours before quiet time? Oh but television really isn’t my stronghold…All the time. Sure there are nights when I watch an hour more than I am supposed to and so I have to push my quiet time off by an hour so that by time I actually get to it I am too sleepy to see how the people of Israel got out of Egypt, why the ark of the covenant was created—and how and what the parable of the sower means. But it doesn’t happen that frequently. Or does it?

God has revealed to me that infrequently putting anything ahead of my pursuit of him is one time too many. I’ve known for quite a few weeks that I wanted to eliminate television during this 40-day period and I have come up with so many reasons as to why I shouldn’t. Like: What will I talk about? What will I do with the extra time? How will I stay in touch with the youth and up with the people? But it occurs to me that none of that matters. If the only thing I can speak to people about is what came on television the night or week before than I have some serious problems.

But bigger than having nothing to talk to people about, television makes the saints in the body of Christ simple-minded people. The time that we invest in keeping up with our drama, reality televisions, sitcoms and cartoons could very well be time that we better spend communing with the Lord. I am not trying to point any fingers, because sometimes the teacher must teach what she needs to hear too. I know that I can’t waste anymore time watching television particularly if I can’t say for a fact that I spend the same time meditating on God’s word.

So as hard as it is, and it is hard, I believe that I am going to make the attempt to eliminate television from my life for 40 days. Only the essential will do which means the news and the weather and really I can read both quicker than watching it. But satisfying the craving of the flesh to watch “Making of the Band,” “America’s Next Top Model,” “Family Guy”—now that’s going to hurt—and any of those other ridiculous shows is done for the next 40 days or so. And I do this not just to say I did it for 40 days, but to see if I can really affect change in my viewing habits permanently.

So this is the test and I challenge anyone who believes television is their stronghold to join me on this journey and see if God won’t make a move in your life. Even if television isn’t your stronghold, take this day before Lent begins to think about that thing that you don’t want to let go. I have found that the one thing you don’t want to give up is probably the one thing you need to give up, so go with it and watch God work it all out for his good. Be blessed on your journey. You’ll be hearing from me on mine. 


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