The Loudmouth Protestant

March 12, 2008

Understanding the Call

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This evening I had a really interesting conversation with a colleague about our call as Christians. She shared with me that she thought the people in our office believed that she was a bad Christian because of bit of steam she had let off earlier in the day–and is known to let off at times. I then proceeded to tell her about a dear friend, who in expressing his own frustration, used extremely colorful language to which she said “Well, at least he was being authentic.” My response to her statement was “That is not the authenticity that God calls us to.” And it hit me like a ton of bricks. It was a weighted statement that came out of my mouth and right then I knew I was being called out.

It is an eye-opening experience when God reminds you of what he called you to do and the person he called you to be when he adopted you into his body. I know that sometimes I forget and I let the way of the world dictate how I act in certain situations but this evening God reminded me that his way is the only way that matters. This is hard to say because I know there are times when I want to light into someone like a drunk sailor on Fleet Week but that isn’t the way God desires for me to communicate with my brothers and sisters. When someone annoys me in ministry with talk that I believe is not of God, I shouldn’t just roll my eyes and ignore them but I should take that moment to be prayerful and possibly even approach the person to speak about it instead of going into a clique and complaining. I always go back to this scripture but I have to because it is my constant reminder, “Life and death are in the power of the tongue.”

The other part of my conversation with her that keeps on replaying in mind is when she said “People probably think I am a bad Christian.” At that moment I realized that there is nothing any of us can do to prove to someone outside of the body that we are a “good Christians.” We can’t base our walk on hoping to prove our goodness to people. We can only hope that God is pleased and frankly if God is pleased it means you’ve had to surrender and walk away from many things that other people would consider foolish.

The call is so deep, there’s so much to consider and tonight made me remember that this is no walk in the park. This is a challenge to decide if you believe living God’s way is the only way or if you are to scared to go all the way. It’s so much to consider that I encourage you to reflect on what the call to Christ really means to you. What does it really mean to your relationship with God and what it means to the world you live in. Remember these things when you feel the world crowding around you. It will give you perspective


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