The Loudmouth Protestant

April 20, 2008

How Fortunate We Are

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I spent the past three days in a hotel praising God with over 2,000 women. Many Catholics in the US spent the past few days praising God with the arrival of the Pope. Just this afternoon, over 60,000 Catholics gathered in Yankee Stadium to celebrate mass with Pope Benedict XVI. How fortunate we are to have such an open display of our faith in Christ. How fortunate we are to be able to raise a banner that reads “Christ our Hope.” How fortunate we are that 2,000 women can descend upon a hotel in Philadelphia all for the purpose of giving glory to God. What an amazing time we live in when we can unabashedly worship the father in spirit and truth without worry about who may come to shut us down. Yes, there are adversaries all around us, but how fortunate are we for the times when the community of saints can gather together and worship God without any distractions. What an awesome time this is!

I was in a workshop this weekend about singleness and one of the most amazing things that the facilitator said was “This is one of the best times in life to cultivate a relationship with God.” Sure this was related to what single people can do but this is so applicable to us all.  I thank God that I am able to travel and read my Bible in public places without fear of getting arrested or getting my Bible taken away from me. I thank God that I can go to church on Sunday and gather with the saints. I thank God that at any point in the week I can find a place to go to study the Bible with the saints, to worship with the saints, to pray with saints. The liberty and freedom that we have in Christ in this country is amazing and we ought to think about this and be thankful.

God is so amazing!


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