The Loudmouth Protestant

April 24, 2008

Beautiful Stranger

For the past few months, I have been captivated by a man. It always happens on a Wednesday night on the old iron horse–otherwise known as the subway. The setting of the first story was on a Wednesday night after work. I had Trader Joe’s bags in tow and I was pushing my way through the crowd to get a seat when the one seat I chose happened to be across from a beautiful stranger. He had the most amazing bone structure I’d seen on a man in a while. His countenance was soft. It hung like the face of a man who smiles often and doesn’t sweat the small stuff. His skin was the color of vanilla pudding–I know it’s not as sexy as saying caramel but I like vanilla pudding–and his ‘locks were pulled back with an elastic band. He was wearing a miscellaneous track jacket, with jeans and what I remember to be Adidas. I couldn’t take my eyes off of him and though I’ve gone into great detail about what he looked like and what he was wearing none of that moved me as much as his being. His spirit spoke volumes. In the midst of my surveying the land and trying to read my book, I was well aware that he was doing the same of me. He watched me a bit as I set my bags down, secured my seat, pulled out my Blackberry and my book. I know he saw me do all of this because I looked up a few times and caught his eyes, but like I usually do, I maintained Bambi posture. I could feel him looking at me, but not in a creepy lascivious way, but just in the same way I was surveying him. This took place for the length of our ride together. A game of glances. In my mind I wished I could find the right words to say. But what could I do? I am a girl that believes in being sought after not being the seeker. So I maintained my position and I read my book albeit with a smile on my face because I felt the friendliness of his spirit. We got off on the same stop but we went in opposite directions and so I figured that was a loss I was taking for the team. It’s New York, you only have one chance…

But to my surprise, weeks later I ran into my beautiful stranger again. This time, instead of sitting directly in front of him, I sat diagonal to him a couple of benches away. I remember that when I saw him, before we even got on the train,  I felt a sort of relief. As I sat within eyeshot, I looked up a few times and our glances were synchronized. At least they felt that way. I spent the rest of the ride smiling to myself because I felt as though I was sharing a moment and a ride with this man who I have never even shared words with. Again we got off at the same stop and I walked past him and up the stairs to the exit. I took another for the team…

And then there was this evening. Same time, but not the same place. I was standing on the subway platform of a totally different train than we normally take and when the train pulled up in the station and I looked up and there he was. It had been a while since I’d seen him so I wasn’t certain, but when I saw his cheekbones and his ‘locks pulled back just so I knew it was him. We got into the same car and he stood in front of the exit door as I stood in front of another set of doors. “We meet again,” I thought in my head. We stand so close, not close enough to touch but close enough to see one another. I am not particularly sure if he saw me but we were there nonetheless. I was happy to be on that crowded train with him. A familiar face in a crowd of nobodies. It was just fine with me. And then it was time for me to go. This time our stops were not the same so I had to watch him stay as he watched me go–I sensed that he did watch me go. 

After I left the train, I smiled to myself and as I walked down the street I smiled to myself and as I ordered my dinner from a local neighborhood spot I smiled and as I walked home I smiled. All this smiling for someone I’ve never met. I can’t possibly imagine what would happen if our paths crossed and we could actually exchange words. A part of me is fascinated with seeing the same person time after time and sharing a silent moment with them. It’s like two kindred spirits connecting. Maybe I am being too deep, but I swear to you, this is something incredible about this young man that’s making me wonder, “What’s this all about?”

So what’s a girl to do?

(Note: There is about a month gap between each sighting lest anyone be afraid he is stalking me.)



  1. Nicizzle,

    You Should have said something on act TWO!!! Even if its corny like-“This is not something I ever do but, Whats your Name?” _ ” Or “Ok So I see you too much not to say, Hello” _ It works, and it will get a conversation started. Its too hard to think of what could have happened. Make it happen! What’s the worse that could happen? You’ ll never know until you shoot for it…..its about the chance YOU take. Don’t miss another Opp…

    Comment by stuff08 — May 6, 2008 @ 4:42 pm | Reply

  2. Thanks for the advice Rizzle. Good to get a man’s perspective on the situation. Tomorrow is Wednesday so maybe I’ll see him so I can put your tips to good use.

    Comment by loudmouthprotestant — May 7, 2008 @ 12:32 am | Reply

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