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April 25, 2008

Sound the Alarm!!!

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This morning at 9:00 the verdict was rendered for the Sean Bell case. If you have been living under a rock for the past few months, the case is about the three police officers that fired 50 shots at Sean Bell and his friends as they were leaving a Queens, New York nightclub the morning before his wedding. Not one of them had a gun on them, but out of speculation and what I believe was probably the fact that they were African-American men out late at night the cops fired 50 shots. One of the police officers reloaded his clip and kept going. Sean Bell was murdered that night at the hands of a bunch of power-hungry apes otherwise known as the plebian officers of the New York City Police Department.

The three officers were acquitted on every single count. They walk free men in our streets as Bell’s fiancee Nicole Paultre Bell and Bell’s family, friends and supporters all cry bloody murder. Until this moment I was pretty numb to the verdict. A friend texted me this morning and let me know before I even checked it on CNN and all I could do was shake my head. There was no rush of emotions, just numbness. It was unreal to me and yet I wasn’t surprised. It seems to be the way of the world to let evil people and their deeds go unpunished. How long O Lord, how long will your people suffer at the hands of the evil?

There is so much I want to say, but I fear it will be out of order as I am enraged right now. For the past couple of days, passion and zeal for God’s kingdom has been consuming. My annoyance with people who are out of order in God’s kingdom has elevated and all I can say to myself as of lately is “Whom Have I in Heaven but You O Lord?” Not another person can do a thing for me. Not one person can make me feel well. Not one person can affirm me and comfort me in my affliction but you Lord. When people want to come down on me and judge me and try to figure out how real I am in you I must put my hand up and cast them aside because no one shall touch God’s anointed. And if I don’t believe it for myself than how will I even convince someone out. Its dangerous ground we are walking on now and it should be clear that we are truly living in last days. It is time for the people of God to sound the alarm, to wake up and be ready in season and out because we don’t have much longer…


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