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April 25, 2008

Times are Hard…

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Chipotle Burrito

Every Friday, I usually buy lunch instead of bringing it.  I get creative with lunch on Friday because I am celebrating the fact that in eight hours I won’t have to see my office for two whole days. This joyous occasion warrants me being over-indulgent and eating whatever regardless of consequene–runny bellies and all. It could be two slices of pizza. A burrito from Chipotle. A Cosi sandwich, fried rice from my favorite Thai place, a Shake Shack burger. We are talking “No Limits, No Boundaries.” But today, I had a problem.

Earlier this week, New York restaurants started posting the calorie-count of their foods on the menu boards. So now anytime I go into Chipotle, the possibility of eating an 800-calorie burrito goes right out the window as I think about my stomach, thighs and backside. I may trot over to Cosi thinking I am about to have a healthy chicken ceasar salad but not before I see that the salad could cost me apparoximately 1/4 of my daily caloric intake. I’ve even read articles that say that the tuna sandwich at Subway is not a good look. What in the world am I supposed to do now that there will be no more blissful eating according to my ignorance?  I figured that I would go to a mom and pop pizza shop because those numbers won’t be hanging over my head, but instead of numbers, the copious amounts of bread, cheese and toppings made me ill. Ignorance is no longer blissful.

So I wandered around aimlessly today, but I also realized that if I didn’t buy something and get back inside I would fall apart in the street. It’s high allergy season and five minutes of outdoor time means my eyes will bulge out of my head, my noses will run to the point that I can’t catch it, and my throat will close up. What could I do? I had to think fast.

I walked toward my office and did the only thing I could do, I visited 7/11. I browsed their skeevy offerings until I set my eyes upon a bag of Sun Chips–yes Sun Chips. Although the caloric intake is not too different, somehow I felt vindicated. Maybe I wasn’t even hungry but I just needed something to do with my mouth for about 30 minutes. So I feasted on plain Sun Chips and a bottle of Diet Ginger Ale–can we say faux eating disorder–all because the caloric-counts got me down.

Looks like from now on, I will be bringing my lunch Monday-Friday.

By the way, I am actually full and haven’t even consumed my Ginger Ale yet. Yes, it’s a sad, sad day.


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  1. Sun-Chips??? LMAO!!!! One rehearsal w ALDM will work it all off!!!!

    Comment by stuff08 — May 6, 2008 @ 4:29 pm | Reply

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