The Loudmouth Protestant

May 20, 2008

No ‘Sex’ in Christian Ghettoes

This afternoon a colleague leaned over and told me that she had a friend who said she couldn’t find another girl to go and see “Sex and the City” with. Her friend remarked “I hung out with too many Christians in college and goody two shoes.” My colleague tried to convince her friend that you don’t have to be non-Christian to like “Sex and the City” but I worry that her friend probably may think there is something wrong with her watching the show. Even my colleague admitted to sometimes feeling strange watching these grown women run around, loose and as fancy-free as they want to be. And this isn’t new thought.

There are many [Christian] men and women that believe it is wrong for Christians to watch “Sex and the City.” Somehow they’ve gotten it in their minds that one 2 hour and 30 minute moment of cinematic time will forever change the trajectory of one’s Christian walk. Maybe we will go from saving ourselves for marriage to sleeping with the first man we see on our way out of the theatre. Maybe we’ll start consuming copious amounts of Cosmopolitans. Maybe we’ll stop tithing in favor of buying a pair of Christian Louboutins. Maybe we will convert to Judaism because we found the man of our dreams—would it be so bad if he were Messianic? (I kid, I kid.)

Now on one hand I can say, “I get it” to the people that would find it harmful for Christians to watch the show or the movie. I can see how the mature adult themes, sexual content, strong language, and other rating prerequisites would give some Christians pause. Everything that happens in any show and possibly the movie could leave an indelible impression on some Christians. But in that case I wonder if the burden of responsibility should be on the viewer and not those who vehemently oppose it. I am saying what I need to hear too because I know I can be very intense and imposing upon people that do things I believe are contrary to the Christian faith. But what I also acknowledge is that some of us can watch “Sex and the City” and not be tainted and some of us can’t. We are all wired differently and equipped to handle things differently so who am I or anyone to judge. I think the biggest lessons any of us can learn about the dangers of secular entertainment in the life of Christians is that it is our responsibility to hold our brothers and sisters accountable and at the same time encourage them to look deeper for themselves. It is our job to alert them to the possible dangers. It is our job to share with them something God revealed to us about the music, movie, TV shows, books, magazines, etc that the world at large consumes but that we need to be much more cautious about.

So I say all of this to say it is important that we activate our discernment radars on everything that we consume and be sure to follow God’s lead. It is great if our friends can clue us in to something we were blind to but it is of utmost important that we be tapped into the ultimate source to discern what may be right or wrong for us.

And lest I be remiss, for anyone that may come upon this post, I want to know if you think it is right or wrong for Christians to indulge in “Sex and the City?” And that means the show, not the concept—even though I know there are definitely some Christians getting there sex in the city on.

That’s all.



  1. Hehe. Funny thought there.

    They’re surely gonna miss a lot of fun.

    Comment by everydayman — May 20, 2008 @ 4:38 pm | Reply

  2. Plenty of Christians have sex. And they have sex before marriage. It’s just life. Is it right? I don’t know anymore. The rules of yesteryear times about 200 may not apply anymore. What I think matters (and you know I lean more to the agnostic side so what do I know) is if you try your best each day to be a good person. Someone your creator would at least be somewhat proud of. That should matter more than Carrie and the gang and wanting to see their antics.

    Comment by Jenice — May 22, 2008 @ 9:10 am | Reply

  3. Nuu Jenice,, that’s not the ideal life for christians. Sex after marriage is an obvious thing but not before marriage.

    Yeah, as you mentioned,
    watching the movie won’t transform our walk in faith forever. (although, maybe it could.)
    True say all of us are equipped differently so by watching Sex and the City some of us might be bewildered and some of us might not. Many christians might love the movie and enjoy as well.

    The problem is, Christians shouldn’t watch single women and men sleeping around and actually ENJOY it. Christians shouldn’t hear people swear and see people lust for sex and nod our head in agreement or laugh along.

    It’s wrong. It’s not right for christians to be promiscuous and spit out swear words. Watching other people do the same is the same. Especially when you’re PAYING to watch, and when you’re actually enjoying it.

    Do you see my point? I hope I was clear.

    Comment by JH — May 31, 2008 @ 9:45 pm | Reply

  4. […] some of you may remember, I wrote about Christians and “Sex & the City” a few days ago based on this theory that there are Christians that exist that believe it is […]

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