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May 31, 2008

Reflecting on Sex & City

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As some of you may remember, I wrote about Christians and “Sex & the City” a few days ago based on this theory that there are Christians that exist that believe it is inappropriate for other Christians to watch. So here I am, post “SATC” eating a Magnolia cupcake to give you the rundown on exactly how the movie moved me…To tears even…

You see, while “SATC” the show was largely about four single women–for most of the run of the show–having premarital sex, drinking Cosmopolitans, buying expensive clothes and messing up just about any semblance of a good relationship, the movie was about so much more and certainly had some redeeming qualities. It was about the pursuit of true consuming love, reconciliation, miraculous happenings and self-realization. It was about four women who we have watched over the past ten years actually come to grips with who they really are and what they really want out of life and to me that was real.

Yes I fully recognize who I am in Christ and how some of the things that they did throughout the course of their fictitious lives would surely not line up with what I know to be true according to the word of God but I also recognize who I am as a single woman. That movie resonated so deeply with me because I saw a part of myself in each of those women, the hopeless romantic in Charlotte, the realist in Miranda, the minx in Samantha and carefreeness of Carrie. We all have a little bit of those women in us.

And seeing such a closely knit group of friends makes me remember how important our pursuit of love is not only when it comes to pursuit of a soulmate but the pursuit of girlfriends who will be there through thick and thin. Those friends and family are part of the foundation of our building healthy love. Those friends are the ones who God sends into our lives to be his earthly angels.

I don’t want to get too carried away, but I say all of this to say that this is a phenomenal movie for the single and committed woman alike. There’s so much to learn if you would only step beyond what you think you know about “SATC” and see if you can glean more than you ever have before.




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