The Loudmouth Protestant

June 4, 2008

The Wait is Over

When I woke up this morning, I found a message from Obama’s camp with the subject line of “It’s Our Time.” I immediately thought about Donald Lawrence’s song “Seasons” in which he admonishes listeners to walk into their season. The season comes after you’ve sown, after the valley, after the trials and the tribulations which seemed determined to set you back and after the storms of your life.

Sixteen months ago, Barack Obama began the process of sowing seeds in hopes that he would secure the Democratic presidential nomination. As of last night, the wait was over and we were greeted by one Barack Obama, our Democratic presidential nominee. After many a trial and tribulation by way of people judging him by the color of his skin and not the content of his character; seeking to use his former pastor against him; digging up any bit of information they can find that would discourage would-be supporters and accusing him of using hope like a drug to rope people into voting for him rather than focusing on the issues he has overcome. All of those things only made him stronger and gave him more fuel for the fire to press on toward the mark of the higher calling that God has for his life.

I’ll admit, I wasn’t always a believer. I kept my distance from becoming an Obamaniac because I needed to stay level-headed about his campaign and Hillary’s. I needed to make sure that the candidate I would support would be the one who truly had my interest in mind. And because of that, I couldn’t wear buttons, pump my fist and attend rallies because I had no idea who I thought would be the best candidate. Plus I couldn’t vote in my state’s primary so I only had to sit back and watch and do my homework on the candidates. But after last night, it all became a reality and I saw that God is the one who made it all possible. It wasn’t about Obama, his campaign team, the voters, the delegates or the superdelegates. It was because it is his time as ordained by God.

Last night on CNN, their political pundits were sharing their thoughts about this great moment in history and one of them said that the Republicans always choose the person whose turn it is and it is John McCain’s turn to go up to bat for the White House. She then said, the Democrats don’t always work that way although it would seem obvious that it was Hillary Rodham Clinton’s turn considering her legacy. But what is a turn compared to God’s time. God’s time is a powerful thing because once you are in His time you are in order and the harvest will come. And in His time, which Obama is operating in right now, lives of people are being changed. Young black boys and black girls are learning that anything is possible if you would only just believe. This is the time when our youth need someone bigger than a rapper or basketball player to look up to and they have it.

So what happens next? We continue to pray for the strength of Barack Obama, because though he may have secured the nomination, Hillary Clinton’s unwillingness to concede means that the next few months leading up to the general election will still be a struggle. It will not be more than he can bear, but rest assured he will have to continue to stand and stand some more on the promises of God and hold on to God’s unchanging hand. This is just the beginning but a amazing beginning it is. Thank you God.


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