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July 29, 2008

Watching Out for Our Youth

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About two weeks ago I attended a good friend’s birthday party. It was a BBQ being held in Ft. Greene Park on the less scenic side of the park–question, why is it that when people want to BBQ in the park, they make the BBQ-uable side the black side? Nevertheless, with less scenery comes the dregs of our society. 

It started out as a couple of suspect looking young men who smelled of weed. But as the sun set more suspect individuals started to pop up. I was seated on the wall having an excellent conversation with some of the BBQ guests when I noticed that the wall became infested with bugs. Young jitterbugs to be exact. The young male jitterbugs were taking Hennessey to the head, smoking weed and cursing profusely. The young female jitterbugs were strolling up and down the street in barely–yes I got it right–midriffs, short shorts and high heels. The young female jitterbug were buying “Nutcrackers” from a drink pusher who stationed his cart in the middle of the walkway. The pusher had to be in his late 30s to early 40s but this didn’t stop him from selling to girls who were barely teenagers.

The street was thick with these kids. All very young and all very impressionable but on this hot summer night the only thing they could find to get into was trouble. I sat there appalled, watching their every move. Do I grab each girl one by one and tell them how a real woman behaves? Do I break the bottles of the young men drinking Hennessey? Do I turn over the cart of the man selling alcohol to underage children? I really didn’t know what to do in the moment, but I knew walking away that it wasn’t going to take just me. It’s going to take a village of people to patrol these streets and take back the youth. Strong black men to decide that their Friday and Saturday plans are meaningless compared to saving a young man from a life of crime because he fell in with the wrong crowd. It will take the mother board to go out into the streets and yank every single little girl and tell them they aren’t ready to bring another life into this world. 

So I write this because I hope someone in New York will take note of what is happening. It isn’t just in Brooklyn, or just New York, it’s everywhere. The point is, wherever you see it, there must be a call to action. We all have enough friends to form a task force to comb these streets and start swiping bodies and saving lives. Someone did it for us even if we weren’t so far gone in our youth. Now it is time for us to do it for those kids, after all, they are our future.


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  1. It’s funny how you write about this topic. I live in Harlem and the same BBQ segregation is done in Marcus Garvey Park. On memorial day my husband and I took a stroll to get some dessert and we had to walk through the park around 7: 30ish. We witnessed the same ignance and the energy was thick with tension and ignorance. Why did we turn on the news the very next day and saw a report on 8 people being shot in the park that night!!!

    The God’s to honest truth is that people are too afraid to collectively confront the younger generation. I’m sure you get a sense of this feel yourself. A person might think that they’re helping when what they’re really doing is judging a shell. I don’t know these public weed smokers from a can of paint nor what they’ve been through so how can I raise up? If a child is roaming around the streets looking a reckless mess there’s little you can do unless their kin. Then maybe you can do some healing. Situations of morality and values cannot be treated spot on.

    Found your response to Essence on Stuff Black People Hate and I like it.


    Comment by Get Togetha — August 2, 2008 @ 9:10 am | Reply

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