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August 18, 2008

The Questions…

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Last night, while my pastor was preaching about ‘lost essentials’ via Luke 15:8-11, I started writing down some questions. I am not sure why I was doing this instead of listening intently–it could be because it was a sermon she preached at our church before and a message I considered well in that moment, or because these are actually questions I need to pay attention to.

Nevertheless, my meanderings went on for quite a while until the Spirit took hold of me and I was incapacitated for the next hour. Looking back at the questions now, I definitely think many can benefit from them in considering the friends they keep and the relationships they pursue–come to think of it, I think I started writing these questions when she started talking about moving from some of the friends we keep. Not that I currently have friends that I need to discard, but I feel as though these questions are a great barometer for future dealings particularly as it pertains to relationships. So here goes:

1. Are they going where you are going? Or “Are they ready for where you are going?” In other words, are they prepared for the fact that God has a great plan beyond which the human eye can see and can they stand to stand by you as God does His perfect work? (I think about this when I see husbands and wives in ministry together–my own pastors being such a team. If either one of them was not ready for what God was going to do in the and through the others life, they wouldn’t be together today. It takes a special person to protect God’s purpose on your life and recognize that you have a higher calling.

2. What are your spiritual commonalities? Having “things” in common is great, but what happens when “things” aren’t enough? You should feel like your friends can agree with you in prayer or pour into you via scripture and generally have a divinely-inspired edifying quality in your life.

3. Are you carefully measuring your words? In conversations with people, how much of the time do you spend measuring your words? This is something I always think of, but I am not the best practitioner of, simply because conversations can get out of hand in no time with no way out. Try to spend more of your time being mindful about the words that come out of your mouth–or the words typed by your hands. Remember that scripture says, “Death and life are in the power of the tongue.”

4. Does the person know you as God’s child? Yes, we are called to be “all things to all men so that we may draw men unto Christ.” But it is important that we don’t lose the essence of our being in Christ to Paul’s scriptural edict. Be cognizant of how you are letting God’s light shine through you. Don’t put yourself–the lamp–under the table.

5. Is God on the throne of your heart? I have a friend who loves talking about God being on the throne of her heart. She always reminds herself that He must sit on the throne of her heart lest she get anxious about anything in regards to her personal and professional life. I’d never heard it put that way before–and last night was the second time I heard mention of God sitting on throne of our hearts. Is he there?

6. Who (or What) is leading this friendship? A hard questions to ask when you are in the crux of a situation but I’ve learned that once you have determined the who or the what, it is easier for the solution to be found. If it is more of you than it is of God, you may need to rethink some things. Considering the mind is willing but the flesh is weak.

7. Is this within God’s will? Need I say more?

8. Is this filling an immediate fleshly need instead of a long-term spiritual one? For the single folks–guys and girls alike–it is relatively easy for us to get caught up in flourishing relationships. And for some people it’s even easier to get carried away. But, the most important thing–I believe–is to consider whether you are establishing relationships with people because you are trying to gratify the flesh or because you are building a strong community around you. Entering into relationships because you need validation, approval, completion, etc, is dangerous and will almost always crash and burn. Rather, seek to develop new relationships for the purpose of seeding into another’s life and allowing them to seed into your’s–assuming they have good seeds to sow.


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  1. Well Done. I am particularly drawn to the section about keeping God on the throne. In a way, it is AMAZING to think about the free-will God gives to us. If He wanted, He would just STAY on the throne–not waiting for us to “screw” anything up, but rightfully rule and reign in our lives. As Believers, we need to BELIEVE that not does He have our best interest, but that He is ultimately sovereign. Whether He is on the our heart’s throne does not dictate whether He remains on THE throne. I am really working on dwelling on His kingdom (and what that really means). As Rev. Dharius Daniels so effortlessly and matter-of-factly ministered last night, he reminded us that we should not be loose at how we look at “kingdom” and God’s reign. He mentions correctly that there is no definition of WHAT the kingdom is, just suggestions as to its characteristics. We, in fact, cannot literally “build” the kingdom because it already exists. That was powerful for me…because the work has already been done (Hallelujah…just got a jump in my spirit). My rask is to move from merely saved-thinking to kingdom-thinking. Simply…I got to think more like Jesus (maybe those WWJD bracelets were on to something:)

    Comment by missify — August 19, 2008 @ 1:51 pm | Reply

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