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September 11, 2008

On This Day…

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Seven years ago, two planes crashed into the World Trade Centers. 2,479 people were killed that day. Countless others were devastated because a mother, a father, a son or daughter, husband, wife, sister, brother, aunt, uncle, best friend, someone wasn’t coming home that night. Every year since then, the names of the deceased have been read from the rubble at Ground Zero. On this day, millions mourn.

I woke up this morning sort of in anguish about going to work because of some things that happened yesterday, but then I remembered that someone else didn’t wake up today. It’s been seven years since their eyes were open and since they had the mobility of their limbs to move freely as they want. Someone will not rise from their bed today because the memory of this day hurts like an open wound from a gunshot. What do I have to do today but be thankful that God spared me and brought me into another day and to live this day to the fullest in proxy for those who have gone on.

On this day, complaints are unwarranted. Anger should be diffused quickly. Frustration should be thrown out the window and love should be our highest order for the day. We have nothing else left in this world but to love one another. After the towers toppled over and all that was left was the rubble, there was nothing left for people to do but be compassionate toward one another. But we shouldn’t just be compassionate toward one another after great loss–or on the anniversary of that great loss. We should be able be as such everyday of our lives. Extending kindness to strangers, to our loved ones and even to those we hate–or strongly dislike.

This day is an opportunity to renew our thinking and count our blessings for being spared. We live this day in proxy for those who have gone on. We live it to the fullest remembering it could have been us and it has nothing to do with living in New York or not. We live it in love. We live it to the glory of God.


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