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September 19, 2008

Can He Ever Be Good, Again?

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Bishop Thomas Weeks

Bishop Thomas Weeks

This afternoon I was checking out one of my favorite blogs in the ‘sphere, Stereohyped. The writer had posted an item about Bishop Thomas Weeks, the man who beat his wife, televangelist Juanita Bynum, in the parking lot of an Atlanta hotel. It was a story that swirled in the secular and Christian media realm for months and had people speculating on the character of both people. Was Bynum doing this for capital gain because she didn’t have a true ministry, but could get people to rally around her as a battered woman for her domestic violence ministry? Was Bishop Weeks nothing but a fraud and a phony in the ministry? Then came the moment when Bynum went on Divorce Court to talk about her experience. It all seemed like a circus and then it dissapeared.


Well apparently the circus is coming to town again and this time it is because Bishop Weeks has posted a video on his site talking about the new Mrs. Weeks. She doesn’t exist, yet, but he is fielding advice from users and congregants on what they would like to say to the future Mrs. Weeks and asking them for advice–perhaps so that someone can tell him never to raise his hand to her.

As I scrolled through the comments on Stereohyped’s post, I noticed that most of the users were disgusted with his actions and one even went as far as to say he should just kill himself. It got me to thinking…

Yes I know that he committed a crime, made a grievous error, ruined his reputation and all the rest, but at what point will we be more interested in his redemption than his crucifixion? I have no idea what he has done in his private time to be absolved of this situation, but one thing I believe is that people make mistakes–on all levels–and forgiveness–preceded my repentance–is what they need more than anything. God is going to forgive Bishop Weeks, particularly if Bishop Weeks whole-heartedly repents, so if God is big enough to forgive him for practically slaying his wife in a parking lot, when will we cut him some slack?

I don’t have much more to say. I am just concerned about the level at which we are willing to throw people under the bus and deem them not good. I am wondering if anyone will ever see Bishop Weeks as a good man? Maybe I am being too ideological…

What do you think? Can he rise from this situation? Is this a “once a wife-beater always a wife-beater” type of situation?


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  1. I’m glad you asked the Q: At what point will we be more concerned w/his redemption than crucifixion? At the point where he repents–turns away from-sin, wrong, moral degradation, and does not continue to make a mockery of Christ, the church, the Bishopric, his ex-wife and himself. At the point where HE fears God enough to stop his mess. Where is the righteous indignation of the TRUE CHURCH? Where is the same concern that Jude spoke of, Paul exhorted us to have to maintain the integrity of the faith, that God HIMSELF required of Israel, time and time again, not to commingle or defile themselves w/abominable things, false, idol and dead gods?
    This man has not been divorced for four entire months and is supposed to be a bishop, and has the audacity to advertise and seek world-wide attention to get a THIRD< THIRD< THIRD wife. Enough is enough. God is a God of mercy, equity,JUSTICE, AND JUDGMENT. We are to despise what He despises and an unrepentant Bishop blashpheming the church and its doctrines is to be despised.

    Comment by mulloverthis — September 28, 2008 @ 4:10 pm | Reply

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