The Loudmouth Protestant

November 17, 2008

Keeping Your Mind off Hard-Times

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Loudmouth Protestant is tired, so very tired of reading the headlines, hearing the conversations, even receiving e-mails about the economy and the dire straits we are in. It’s not that I am trying to ignore what is going on around me, nor am I being apathetic to the situation, but I think that it shouldn’t rule our lives as much as it has been. It’s time to turn off the television, put down the paper, shut your friends up who are determined to obsess about whether they’ll be laid-off in the next few weeks, and focus your energy on something else. To that end, here’s my list of what to do to keep your mind off these hard times:

Open up the “Good Book”or a Good Book– The first will encourage you and help you to remember that God is ever present and diligent to address the concerns of his children’s hearts. The second will just take you away from this world–if only for a moment. My suggestions for the Good Book–Psalms, Proverbs, Ecclesiastes, Galatians, Hebrews 11. And a good book, check out “Midnight” by Sistah Souljah, “Called Out of Darkness” by Anne Rice, “Blue Like Jazz” by Donald Miller or “A Pilgrim’s Progess” by John Bunyan


Hot Dog from Cute Overlaod

Hot Dog from Cute Overlaod

Surf the Web–preferably off the clock–I’ve taken an extreme liking to Cute Overload. Anytime I read some devastating news or am in a bad mood, I go straight to the site and my maladies are cured. Find the site that does that for you. I’d also suggest Internet window shopping. Sure, you are trying to tighten your belt, but there’s no harm in looking at new belts–bags, shoes, jeans–in the process.

Eat Great Food and Drink Great Wine– I’ve never confessed to being an emotional eater, but if I were to ever condone such behavior, now is the time. Instead of going to your favorite restaurant, learn to make the dish at home–or if you still prefer, go to the restaurant. Eat whatever you want–in moderation–work it off later, but be happy and thankful for good food and the provision thereof. As for wine, I’m no whino, but certainly can appreciate a good white on occasion. So make occasion for it. 

Spend Time–more than usual–with Family and Friends– The best things in life are free, so take make room on your schedule for the ones you love. Get on the phone, get to their house, get on their Facebook page, just do whatever you can to open your circle up and bring in the positive energy.

Take a Weekend Trip– Sure, spending money is really risky right now, but every now and then you must take a chance and decide that your sanity is way more important than you spending another weekend staring at the four walls in your bedroom acting like you don’t care than you don’t have a dime or can’t spend the ones you have. If there’s a cheap ticket and you can afford it, fly out to see friends, family or something you’ve never seen before. If you really want to go out on a limb, find a monastery and take refuge there–the hospitality of the monks, multiple service and beauty of the grounds will change your life.

Have Faith–  We’ve been here before or if you haven’t been here before you have parents who have been here before and they got through it by the grace of God. The reality is, this economy threatens our worldy lives and stops us from the acquisition of temporal goods, but it is not meant to rattle our faith in God. This situation comes to make us stronger and should take no joy away from us. So be encouraged along the way and just remember that God is bigger than all of this.


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