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November 18, 2008

What Are You Anointed to Do?

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Last week I gained a new weapon in the fight against low expectations and dissapointment. It came to me through my Bible Study teacher who had told our group a story about how he utilized this tool in his life to boost expectations and see God’s favor at work.

As a New Yorker, he was no stranger to the inconsistencies of the New York City Transit Authority and the dissapointment that abounds when after much struggle and swiping you watch the train whiz by you and down the dark tunnel. Because of this constant struggle he got in the habit of seeing himself in the future and speaking what he was believing. As he walked to the train station, he would say to himself, “I am anointed to catch the train.” He would walk in confidence that no sooner than he swiped his little yellow card that he would see the light at the end of the tunnel signaling the trains arrival. So, as he walked, swiped, and moved through the turnstyle, his thoughts and words to himself were manifested into a train pulling up right before his eyes. He kept this going for a while, choosing to claim his anointing for mundane things and then he moved on to claiming his anointing for other things God ordained him to do like, write a book.

I was amazed at this story of faith manifested and so I walked away from Bible Study that night thinking about how small faith makes big things happen. It’s like the scriptural edict about having the faith of a mustard seed. I took this little nugget of wisdom with me and the next day I decided to try it out for myself. As I ran down the stairs to catch the train I said, “I’m anointed to get a seat on this train.” As the door to the train opened and it looked like it might be a losing situation, I pressed forward, looked around and found my seat. “Thank You God,” I said as I took my seat and opened up my book. I’ve continued claiming seats on the train for about a week now.

So, I am sure there are people who are like, “So, you got a seat, that might not have been God, that could just be the results of an empty train.” Yeah, that could be it, but when you spend years fighting people for seats and having people nearly molest you because you are standing that close you have to give the credit to someone.

But really, this is no case of treating God like a genie in the bottle and more of a case of having something encouraging to say to yourself when your situation seems like it is determined to go wrong. I’ve found that speaking into myself in such a way has given me a confidence to claim what I believe I deserve. And besides that, I think it has relevance when you are claiming it for God’s glory. In my case, I’m usually claiming a seat so that I can read, be it the Bible or whatever supplemental book I am reading at the moment. Or sometimes I claim a seat because I need to sleep before going to liturgical dance rehearsal. For my Bible Study teacher, he may of needed to catch the train to make it to some important meeting or class on time so that he could continue to teach us in good faith. For you, you may claim the anointing for some other important matter which will bring glory to God in the end. There’s purpose in this I swear.

But if for no other reason, try it out. Start your day by speaking to yourself what you want to be anointed to do. Maybe you’re anointed to get through the day without cursing someone out. Or anointed to get to work on time. Or anointed to make all your deadlines this week. My teacher said that it was important to start out with the mundane. I’ve seen the relevance in starting with the mundane as well because God works in the little things in our life just as much as he does the big.

So, what are you anointed to do today?


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