The Loudmouth Protestant

January 13, 2009

Sleeping with God

I have this friend. He’s a real enigma. Ever since my sophomore year in college, he has confounded me with his utter ridiculousness and beautiful genius all at the same time. He was the type that would come into the classroom and see all of us cramming and remark “Oh, we have a test?” Then when the grades were distributed for that same test that we all committed blood, sweat and tears to, to pass, he would calmly receive his A++. He boggles the mind.

After college he went on to make the most impossible career moves for an African-American man without the pedigree that the big city “requires.” He made Top 40 under 40 lists, Top 30 under 30 list, you name the list and he made it. If he didn’t make it it’s only because the list hadn’t been created yet. These were all amazing feats for someone who seemed to just fall into good situations. But it wasn’t what he was falling into, but who he was falling into it with…

While talking about this wunderkind with another friend, I realized what the key to his constant success is…Sleeping with God. You see, most people sleep their way to the top with mere mortals and beg to be in the good favor of people who are here today and gone tomorrow, but not my friend. He chose to sleep with the King of Kings to make it to the top. Now many of us are sleeping with God, but we may not be finessing him the way we need to. My friend has always had a way with words and has always been quite the charmer, so I have no doubt in my mind that he has been finessing God right and keeping it all to himself for all these years. Until now…

The key to success is in sleeping with God. It’s about really knowing how to be intimate with God first and foremost–say seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness and all these things shall be added unto you. I know for a fact that when he was on top of the world–in the eyes of the world–my friend was seeking God’s face on what’s next. Surely he was taken to the mountain and shown what could be his but he wasn’t content with that type of notoriety. He wanted to follow God’s path for him and drink from the brook of Zarephath and find provision in that dry place and then only leave when God told him to. This is what intimacy is all about, trust. We don’t quickly run into bed with someone we barely know–well some of us do, but the wise of us make sure we truly know the person and trust them before allowing them into such a sacred space. 

My dear friend has done nothing more than get close to his creator in hopes that he would live a life that is pleasing in his sight. I wish I could be more funny about the topic because I had planned to be, but the reality is we could all afford to sleep with God. We could all afford to be in the throes of passion with Him and be desperately in love with Him and only concerned about His thoughts toward us. (Now don’t be misled, I am not exalting my friend  into sainthood status, I’m simply using the metaphor I created for his life as an example to follow.)

So instead of one night stands with God when you need Him, how about creating a sustained, passionate relationship with Him. Why not sleep with God to get to the top–literally and figuratively. Now that’s what I call a real key to success.


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