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January 28, 2009

One Tree-Itis

No, this has nothing to do with “One Tree Hill” though I do watch the show from time to time–that Chad Michael Murray is so cute and in touch with his emotions. (And I digress) “One Tree-Itis” is a phrase that I learned through my Monday night Bible Study teacher, Chris Burge. It is typified as having an inordinate fixation on the one thing that is going wrong in your life or as I will apply it to my life right now, the one thing you can’t have by way of God. The origin of the “One Tree: comes from our sister Eve, who despite having a garden full of wonderful trees to feast on, decided she had to eat from the tree of knowledge of good and evil because she was tempted. Of all those beautiful and glorious trees that God created, she ate from that tree because of the serpent. That one tree changed the trajectory of Adam and Eve’s lives and the lives of everyone who came including us.

I too am dealing with my own one tree situation. As of Sunday I received a call from someone who first and foremost didn’t take the time to see how I was doing on a real level before he unloaded what he really thought about me. I won’t go through it, but the long story short is that he told me my behavior toward him was a turn-off and he blamed me for the way things developed in our friendship. I was hurt at the hearing of these words mostly because I know that I can’t take the full blame for it all and the behavior he spoke of was not present in me–but this is all pending clarification on what definition he was using.

So this is supposed to be a friend, not one of my closest because he barely knows enough about me to come at me the way he did and since Sunday I have been wracking my brain on how to respond to his allegations. How to convince him that I wasn’t the only one in the wrong. How to tell him I think he’s a bit delusional about how things fell apart with us. I’ve prayed to let this go peacefully and–I think–the devil would have me continually fret about this one person who decided they didn’t like me. Then I woke up this morning with a revelation about the situation. 

This situation and person is my one tree. I’ve been worrying about losing the one tree without realizing the garden of beautiful and beneficial trees that God put before me. He gave me awesome friends and family, my beautiful trees, who when I feast on them, they speak the truth in love to me and it’s clear. I know it because these are people that God sent into my life to be more than just a blip on the radar. 

But that’s what one tree will do to you. You will be worried about that one tree, that person you can’t have, the job you were denied, that thing you can’t eat, that dress you can’t wear. You worry about eating from it when God already told you no. You worry about touching it when God told you if you do, you will die. That one tree you are worried about, that one area of life you feel is in shambles so much to the point you let it steal your joy, can destroy you if you don’t leave it alone. How much more has God given you that He reserved for you that can give health and strength to your bones? Think on that. That one situation in your life is not the end all be all compared to the manifold blessings God has given you. 

My realization this morning was that I am fearfully and wonderfully made and God has given me a beautiful garden of trees. That one tree, if I continue to worry about it, will take me down with it. So today I promise myself and God not to let it overtake me in favor of eating from the other trees in the garden.

What’s your one tree?



  1. wow while i was reading this, things just starting popping up in my head that i wanted to tell u cause i feel that ur not the only one facing a situation like this. but then when u looked at the big picture and saw that the enemy was using him to steal ur joy by being that 1 tree(4th paragraph) i noticed that i had a little tree as well. @ first i was just going to say that there is definitely a reason for everything , and i am definitely a witness to this especially in this present season i am in. a few weeks ago Ive been thinking of who ill drop from my list of friends whether b/c of minor conflicts or because they aren’t and never were beneficial to my spiritual walk-to say the least. Which wasn’t a problem for me personally b/c i am blessed w/ being able to drop people if there’s a good reason. But all of a sudden they were leaving my life without being dismissed.. i wasnt expecting that-but overall,it is still a good thing. And this is so the season not only for me and others and most likely for u as well that God is using to prune us in certain areas-w/ me it is w/ friends and old habits. But then i realized i had a tree also that can get me out of loop w/ God and it wasnt a friend issue it is more of a secret crush thing- i know majorly lame- but yeah so ur not the only one who needs to drop people- there’s always a reason and a season for everything. Ecclesiastes chapter 3

    Comment by chin — January 28, 2009 @ 6:48 pm | Reply

  2. You are so very correct in your analysis of the situation. We spend so much time in life worrying about the ONE thing that rubs us that we loose sight of the MANY things that bless us!

    I was once told by a dear sister in ministry, when I was going through a similar situation, to get a handful of people that care about me and work with them to bring about vision and purpose in my life.

    It has worked and I am blessed with about six sisters that I can truly count on in any situation.

    Comment by Valerie Cousin — February 4, 2009 @ 2:50 pm | Reply

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