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February 9, 2009

Love Songs to the Father

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With Valentine’s Day upon us and many rushing out to buy boxes of chocolate, dozens of roses and shiny jewels it is easy to forget who is at the foundation of all of this love. I used to hate the day and acknowledge it only by dressing in all black because I had no earthly person to celebrate it with, but I’ve grown and discovered the greatest love of all. In honor of the love of my life, I wanted to share my top five love songs to Him this Valentine’s Day. 

5. Being With You by Marcus Cole– We always know how to wax poetic about the people we are–or were–with. I can think of a few memories of past likes and loves and paint a beautiful picture. He knew how to make me feel like I was the most beautiful girl in the world. I felt completely comfortable with him. I’ve never felt so compelled to do right by one person in my entire life. But why is it so easy for us to paint the picture for a mere mortal and not the immortal? That’s where Cole fills in the gap. He captures the beauty of the best relationship that we have, our relationship with God, in the words, “With you I can let my guard down, with you I can pour my heart out, with you life is so secure and I love being with you.” Everytime I hear it, I just want to go home, turn off the lights and just be with Him.

4. Nothing Ever Mattered by Virtue– You’ve experienced it before. You meet someone and you can’t imagine how you got along without them. They completely change your life and it strikes you that now that this person is in your life, nothing else matters. That’s God.

3. All I Am by Kierra Kiki Sheard– It’s the moment of truth in a relationship when you must confess what you are capable of from what you aren’t. It’s a time when you render complete honesty to this person and surrender yourself to them. All I can be is available to you. 

2. Superstar by Tye Tribbett– When you realize it’s about nothing else but the love you have for that person. Not about anything but the love of God.

1. Show Me Your Face by Fred Hammond– Many of us will be alone this Valentine’s Day. Maybe we just got out of a relationship, or in my case, you’ve never been in one. We’ll search high and low for earthly love and it will continually evade us but on the other side of that search is a God who is waiting for us to slow down and let Him show us His face. He’s been waiting for us all along. Like a groom standing at the altar watching his bride walk towards him. He’s the love of our life and is just waiting to have face time with us.


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