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May 1, 2009

Barakaology, A Mixtape To Believe In

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This has nothing to do with our president Barack Obama and his first 100 days in office. At this point, that’s all irrelevent. This is, Sho Baraka’s free mixtape being offered via his MySpace page. Thanks to Claude Atcho at Christian Manifesto for hipping me to this.

I discovered Sho Baraka during one of my Pandora listening sessions. Sho, born in Canada  raised in California, escaped a life of West Coast gang violence and incarceration before turning his life and his music over to Christ. Now he spits raw, uncompromising lyrics about Christ’s redemptive power in his life and the life of any who would choose to take up their cross and follow Him.

I’m immediately drawn to Sho because I love hip hop. But I know that hip hop can’t come with me where I am going. I have respect for Mos Def, Talib Kweli, Common, The Beastie Boys, Little Brother, Strange Fruit Project, Tribe Called Quest and others, but there is no way I could entertain listening to their music on a regular basis without my conciousness suffering the consequences. But Sho speaks to the spirit of the hip-hop lover. He’s passionate about Christ in a time when artists are only passionate about themselves, women, and money.  

And I know, Christian hip hop is a risky endeavor for some. They find it not entirely sanctified because they believe that what Christian hip hop artists are doing is simply copying secular hip-hop artist and slapping God’s name on it and that couldn’t possibly be pleasing to God. But Christian hip hop artists are doing it with affect and in order to change lives, not bring glory to themselves like the progenitors and current stars of hip hop. 

But this wasn’t meant to be a critique of Christian hip hop, this is actually my advising those who will, to check Sho Baraka out, cop that disc, Barakaology. It’s free and it’ll be worth the download time. It will speak volumes into your life more than anyone you have ever listened too because he was rapping about the only thing that makes sense to us, Jesus Christ.

Check out my favorite track, “Jesus”


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