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June 2, 2009

Fulfilling Holy Desires in Unholy Ways

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Do not be envious of those who fulfill holy desires in unholy ways, their pleasure is but for a moment. But your patience in waiting for God to grant you you His holy desire will produce that which lasts a lifetime. –Chris Burge inspired, Nicole Symmonds translated

Today I posted this quote on my Facebook page that was inspired by my Bible Study teacher Chris Burge. In his current series entitled “Test, Temptation and Trials” Chris goes through the Christian’s response to each of these areas. (We are to pass the tests, flee from temptation, and endure trials.) He spent a good deal of time talking about the temptations and the tests in the Christian life. He stated, of tests, that the two biggest ones in the lives of Christians are our sexual integrity and our finances. But the word I have to share is what he shared with us shortly after telling us about our two major tests. He stated that the adversary seeks to get us to fulfill holy desires in an unholy way.  That resonated with me so deeply because within the last few weeks, months, and years, I have watched many people fulfill holy desires in unholy ways and they send their brothers and sisters in the body of Christ reeling because of their disobedience and envious of their wicked ways.

Let me break it down for you so it can forever and consistently remain broke. I’m a single Christian woman and this is a sensitive area for me because I have vowed to keep myself pure until marriage. There have been moments when I have fallen into temptation and those moments make me sick to my stomach because I know they weren’t by God’s will but by my flesh. But I repent and I keep it moving, vowing never to be entangled in those sins again and even going as far as disconnecting myself completely from those who I know I’m in danger of falling into temptation with again. But I watch people, people who profess to be Christians, people who sing God’s praises, live lives full of sin because they are slaves to their flesh. These same people walk around as if the sins of the flesh are negotiable parts of their relationship with God. They acknowledge Jesus with their mouths but crucify Him with their lives. Now I know we all sin and fall short of the glory of God, but how many times will you continue to fall short and take advantage of God’s great grace? 

In the midst of watching these fair-weather Christians, there are many other men and women in the body of Christ who are getting stressed out because they are waiting on the Lord but watching people, people who profess to believe in Christ, do all the wrong things and still–seemingly–get their heart’s desire. I see these people who claim God put them together yet they are not even following His holy precepts. They pursued the relationship out of the flesh, they are slaves to the flesh in their relationships and they parade it around and call it love. And they confuse the body of believers who are waiting on Him. It burned me to see people boldly–and some unknowingly–mock God with their lifestyles but they still get what they want, the relationship, the money, the house, etc, etc.

As you read this I’m sure you’re thinking this is still something I get annoyed with, but it’s actually not. I don’t get mad about it anymore simply because I realized that I can’t be envious of people who insist on going against God’s will and living life their way. (The race is not given to the swift.) I can’t be annoyed simply because, as the scriptures say, “Many are the plans in a man’s heart, but the Lord prevails over them all.” These various people in their seemingly perfect relationships shall have to account to God for deciding to do things their way. Their relationships, which look perfect from the outside could be in total shambles on the inside. Why should I be mad that they fulfill holy desires in unholy ways knowing that their pleasure will last for a moment while my brothers, sisters and I in the body of Christ who endure until the end to wait upon what God has for us will enjoy the gift that God will give us which will last for a lifetime.

This is for all my soldiers waiting and are feeling themselves get weak and are watching people get their heart’s desires fulfilled despite living totally backward and backslidden lives. Don’t be discouraged, frustrated, or angry. First and foremost pray for those people you know doing life their way instead of God’s way. Then simply remember, there is great reward in waiting on the Lord. Here’s to those who are waiting on real love…It will come to pass.



  1. Once again, amazing!

    Comment by The Gifted One — June 5, 2009 @ 6:24 pm | Reply

    • Thanks Osa! 😉 God’s amazing!

      Comment by loudmouthprotestant — June 6, 2009 @ 4:23 pm | Reply

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