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June 4, 2009

Vote for Trip Lee on 106 and Park

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This evening as I was waiting for the the game to come on, my best friend text messaged me to let me know she was watching a video that had premiered on 106 & Park. Though I couldn’t hear the excitement in her voice, I could see it in her words. “They have a new joint with such tight production and authentic looking rappers…” She would go on to say that halfway through the video she realized that they were talking about God. So I had to ask her whose video it was. I’ll be honest, I assumed it was some secular artist who decided it’s time to let the world know “Jesus Walks” or tell people about “Gaining One’s Definiton”. But when she told me who it was my eyes almost bugged out of my sockets. Trip Lee featuring Tedashi on 106 and Park!!! I wanted to jump through the roof.

Now I don’t profess to know much about Christian rap music, but of what I have been exposed to, Trip Lee and Tedashi have been the best–along with a some of my other favorites like Sho Baraka, Cross Movement, Da Truth, LeCrae and The Procussions. So anyways, Trip Lee and Tedashi were featured on 106 and Park for Trip’s single “Real Vision: off of his new album 20/20. 

So now it’s judgment time. It may have made it on the show, but what we do from here on out will determine whether it stays. I consider this the first opportunity for us to infiltrate the normally scheduled programmed and give our children something substantive to listen to. No more “Love, Sex and Magic”. No more “Blame It”. No more “Stanky Legg”. No more! It’s time to give our children real vision.

To that end I have posted the video here for your viewing and listening pleasure. If you find it to be of good rapport, please make sure you go over to to vote for it so it can stay on the 106 and Park countdown. Debra Lee and the rest of her cronies need to know there is a faction of people out there not willing to sit by and watch her feed garbage to our children, God’s precious children.


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  1. That’s wassup! It’s time to do what we were instructed to do. Christ reached people where they were. Thanks to 106 for being another platform for the gospel. I agree with loudmouth protestant, no more stanky leg/chicken noodle soup or teaching our future(children)how to dougie; but giving something to stand on while reaching the stars. God gave me roots after growing up in a typical disfunctional family. He became a father in mine absence. He gave that love my mother couldn’t show. I think, no I know our troubled and scared youth need that. Keep shining Trip and everyone who gets why we do this…..gospel thang.

    Comment by Larr Bernoudy — September 22, 2010 @ 1:00 pm | Reply

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