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June 9, 2009

The Sweetest Thing I’ve Ever Heard

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This past weekend I discovered my wedding song. No, I’m not getting married anytime soon, but I knew as soon as I heard this song that it was one I wanted, needed to dance with my beloved to. Matt Maher’s “Set Me as a Seal” is that song, a simple ballad inspired by Song of Songs 8:6-7. I didn’t know that it was taken from Song of Songs when I first heard it. All I knew is that it was hauntingly beautiful and it made me think of my relationship with God. It made me think of how I wanted/need him to be set as a seal on my heart. Seals cannot be broken and for Him to be there means that He shall never be removed. Hearing that song made me want to make that a part of my daily prayer. That everyday, more and more, like  a wax seal that hardens to an envelope, I need God to be the seal on my heart. I need His love to melt over my heart and fill in every crack and open wound. I need the blood of Jesus to cover my heart just like the red wax seal on an old love letter.

This song and the concept is just so beautiful to me that I had to share it.

Side note: If you know me, and you have upcoming nuptials that I or anyone I know is invited to, I ask that you don’t try to steal this song for your own. I know you won’t seeing as though it means so much to me, but stranger things have happened. 🙂


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